Romance Novels Explained

Ever been confused by the acronyms HEA, H/h, or BBW when finding a romance novel to read? Don’t know what a cinnamon roll hero is? Your questions about romance novel terminology and romance categories are answered in this episode.

This one’s for readers and writers. So, take a listen. This may help you find (or create) your next book boyfriend.

*Note: These answers are based on my experience, workshops I’ve taken and my basic research of certain terms and meanings. This is not an extensive industry research project.*

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is romance?
  • How romance is different from other genres
  • Heroes and Heroes and the acronyms that come with them
  • Categories of romance
  • Heat Levels explained

Authors Mentioned During Episode

  • Women’s Fiction
    • Jennifer Weiner
    • Emily Giffin
    • Liane Moriarty
    • Denny Bryce
    • Terry McMillan
    • Celeste Ng
    • Camille Pagan
    • Sophie Kinsella
  • Romance
    • Sierra Simone
    • Sienna Snow
    • Katee Robert
    • Talia Hibbert
    • Helen Hoang

Books mentioned during episode:

Where to find these books:

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Listen to this episode here!

Ep.14 Romance Novels Explained Nerdy Romantics Podcast

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