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Right now, I’m doing 2 types of episodes that involve guest hosts:
  • CHAT SPOT: review a book, movie or TV show (episodes 16 and 18 are good examples)
  • LISTICLE SPOT: recommend a book around a topic or trope (episodes 13 and 16 are good examples)

If you want to be on an upcoming show or have an idea about a show, fill out the request form below with your name, email, show idea or show you’d like to be a part of, contributions you can make during an episode (provide related topic products, provide expertise on a topic, etc.), any related podcasts or content streams, and availability for recording. Nerdy Romantics Podcast currently releases one episode per month (around the 15th), and I am scheduled about 3-4 months out right now.

Want to have your book featured?

opened book on tree root
Right now, I’m doing 2 types of episodes that involve guests:
  • INTERVIEW SPOT with author/about their book (haven’t done one of these yet)
  • GUEST SPOT/LISTICLE SPOT: Discussing your book as part of list of books or my reviewing it solo or with guest hosts (episodes 2, 5 and 16 are a good examples.)

Please note the genres and the demographics. My listeners are not YA or younger, so I don’t usually review books that are YA.

  • ADULT romance (subgenres include: rom-coms, contemporary romance, paranormal, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, some historical)
  • Adult chicklit and women’s fiction with romantic elements (some call it relationship fiction–to me that’s a broader category, but whatever)
  • Adult fantasy: see my review for Bethanie Devors’ Seadrassian Chronicles
  • Adult sci-fi

To have your book featured on the podcast: Fill out the contact request form below with your name, email, the book’s info, dates of release or marketing campaign dates you want the podcast episode to release, and what type of episode you’re hoping to do. Ultimately I decide on the type of episode and release date, but it’s good to know what an author is envisioning if they’re requesting a review. **Please know that I’m already currently scheduled about 5 months out.

ARC formats: Kindle eBook copies are great for me, but I am okay with paper copies as well. For book chats, my book chat friends like to be able to get ebooks or, if they can, audiobooks

Want to have me on your podcast?

I am happy to be a guest on your podcast or other streaming program. Please fill out the form below to get the conversation started!

Areas of expertise:

  • Writing
  • Reading Romance
  • Star Trek
  • Superheroes ( movies/TV versions mostly)
  • Other nerd Pop culture
  • Amateur DIY
  • Home & Garden (see #WeekendDIYGirl site for portfolio)

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