Ep. 39 Tour Wars – Carla Luna Interview

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P6 Sneak Peek of Accidental Lovers Series

Check out what the next installment in the Accidental Lovers series will bring and learn why the themes of The Accidental Proposal are more serious and heavier than The Accidental Swipe.

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Best new romances for Summer 2024
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picture of Y. M. Nelson creator of Nerdy Romantics Podcast

Y. M. Nelson – Author, Creator, and Nerd

Y. M. Nelson (she/her) is based in Charlotte, NC and writes about love, women’s journeys, and amateur DIY. After she spent most of her writing “career” ghostwriting for companies and realized there were no passionate verbs in company instruction manuals, Y. M. decided to produce and share her own work with the public.

She joined the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), found some writing buddies, and created the Owen & Makayla romance story series. Her debut romantic comedy The Accidental Swipe is based on her #MyTinderSeries blog serial. When she’s not writing, Y. M. hosts the Nerdy Romantics Podcast which she created to talk about romance and nerd pop culture. She can also be found teaching college English, baking something sweet, upcycling random pieces of furniture, or watching reruns from one of the Star Trek franchises.