I’m on hiatus, but the episodes continue

For the first time in Nerdy Romantics Podcast history, I am going on hiatus for 2 months! But I won’t leave you without episodes.

I am releasing formerly premium episodes weekly during July and some in August. These will include:

  • Queen Charlotte show chat part 1 and 2
  • Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Easter Eggs
  • and more!

Tell us if you like  having more than 1 episode a month from Nerdy Romantics Podcast! 

  • Send us a text message (if you’re on any podcast provider)
  • Take our poll in next month’s newsletter
    • Or if you’re on Spotify you can answer in the app
  • or email us at mailto:podcast@nerdyromanticspodcast.com

Check out my hiatus announcement on this week’s episode, then vote on your preferences for the podcast.

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