Filthy Rich Fae by Geneva Lee

Host Y. M. Nelson interviews Geneva Lee, author of Filthy Rich Fae, book 1 of her new Filthy Rich Fae Series. We talk romantasy, the Royals, and why Lachlan is the way he is. We even get into some of Geneva’s nerdy tendencies, which is of course why I knighted her an official nerdy romantic!

About the book:

Cate Holloway knows the unspoken rule of New Orleans: avoid the powerful Gage crime family at all costs. Of course, that was before her brother got caught in their chaos. Now Cate has no choice but to confront the dark and forbidding prince of New Orleans himself…and beg for her brother’s life.

But Lachlan Gage is as lethal as he is beautiful… and the only currency he’s interested in is her soul.

Because Lachlan isn’t just some ruthless criminal. He’s fae. And he has his own secret reasons for binding her to him.

Tricked and desperate, Cate is torn between humanity and the breathtaking Otherworld. A place filled with shadows and secrets, with members of each fae court plotting against her just as her captor’s motives for trapping her become more mysterious.

And if she can’t break this sinister bargain in the next thirty days, she’ll be bound to the inscrutable yet infuriatingly tempting fae prince and his deadly world… forever.

Cover of Filthy Rich Fae by Geneva Lee. Red and white flowers on a dark background with title centered in bold gold letters

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About Geneva Lee:

Geneva Lee is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author who writes books about recovering alpha males and the strong women who bring them to their knees. Her bestselling Royals Saga has sold nearly four million copies worldwide. A graduate of the University of Missouri, Geneva traded teaching books for writing them and never looked back. Her work has been featured in Writer’s Digest, Publisher’s Weekly, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, People, NPR, and the New York Times Book Review.

Geneva might travel at any time, dreams of a Paris apartment, and spends her days raising her kids with her soul mate and an ever-growing collection of cats.


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Episode 42 Transcript

[00:00:00] Y. M. Nelson: Hello, Nerdy Romantics! Y’all, I’m so excited! I have with me Geneva Lee, and she is the author of the Filthy Rich Vampire series. And now, coming up this month, she is going to have a new series out called Filthy Rich Fae. Alright, Filthy Rich Fae. Y’all, this book was totally awesome. If you loved Filthy Rich Vampire and that series, you will totally love Filthy Rich Fae. Because, I love it. And I can’t wait for book two already. How about that? No pressure, Geneva. Oh, Well, that won’t be from me, but for those of you who are living in a cave somewhere and don’t know who Geneva is, she is a New York Times, USA Today, and international best selling author who writes books about recovering alpha males and the strong women who bring them to their knees. Her best selling Royal Saga has sold nearly 4 million copies worldwide. Wow. Amazing. And her work has been featured in Writer’s Digest, Publishers Weekly, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, People, NPR and the New York Times Book Review. Geneva might travel at any time. Dreams of a Paris apartment. Oh, you know I’m gonna ask you about that, right? And spends her days raising her kids with her soulmate and an ever growing collection of cats?

[00:01:55] Geneva Lee: Yes.

[00:01:56] Y. M. Nelson: my.

[00:01:57] Geneva Lee: Yes.

[00:01:58] Y. M. Nelson: Okay. So everybody tune in. We are going to talk filthy rich fae, Filthy Rich Vampires, romantasy, all the wonderfulness with Geneva Lee. When we come back.

This is the Nerdy Romantics Podcast and I’m your host, YM Nelson.

[00:02:36] Y. M. Nelson: All right. Welcome to nerdy romantics podcast. Ms. Lee.

[00:02:43] Geneva Lee: Thank you. I’m so excited to be

[00:02:45] Y. M. Nelson: Ah! I am so excited to have you here! I, you know, I have to say this before we even get started.

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My inaguration into Romantasy

[00:02:53] Y. M. Nelson: I have been, of course, hearing so much about romantasy and the, and the genre and what it is. And, and everybody’s just loving these books that are considered romantasy. But I had not written I had not read, I should say, I have, because I, I don’t write romantasy, but I have not read any romantasy until your book,

[00:03:24] Geneva Lee: Really?

[00:03:26] Y. M. Nelson: Are My Inauguration, into this genre. And I must say, is it all about, is it all about fairies doing bad things? Is this

what I’ve been missing?

[00:03:44] Geneva Lee: good. A good, a healthy like margin of it is.

[00:03:50] Y. M. Nelson: Okay. Alright. So it’s true

what they say. so.

it’s true what they say. This is a fairy smut kind of world we’re in.

[00:04:00] Geneva Lee: I think it is. I think it is. Yeah. Yeah, these books are like kind of like urban romantasy is a term that we’ve been kind of coining to talk about them. In house. But yeah, I, I started reading romance a couple, a couple years back, probably. Yeah. Six or seven years ago, and it took over my my reading life And I finally got to the point where I was like, I’m just gonna start writing some of this

[00:04:28] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

[00:04:29] Geneva Lee: Yeah

[00:04:29] Y. M. Nelson: You know. Technically, I guess, Filthy Rich Vampires is considered paranormal romance and not necessarily romantasy. So it’s not very, you’re not moving very far you know, on the spectrum. But I wanted to ask you, how did you even get in this world anyway? I mean, what made you want to write paranormal romance? romantasy, all the things.

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Why Paranormal Romance and romantasy?

[00:05:02] Geneva Lee: So when I started writing romance, I started with a series called the Royal Saga, which is This is going to be shocking about royalty, and it is Contemporary Romance with the British royal family. And so, I was kind of looking for, I’ve done a few other trilogies like Royals, I’ve released a 13th book in that series last year.

Like it’s long running. But I was kind of always on the lookout for what is my next like big projects that I’m really going to devote years of my life to because the first Royals book came out 10 years ago this weekend. So I was writing in that series for a decade. And so I knew that I wanted to do another really long running big world series.

And I had been saying to my agent who I count as one of my close friends for several years that I really wanted to write adult Twilight, that I wanted something that like was really vampires for adults with a heavy, heavy, heavy focus on the romance. And so I talked about it was kind of a put up or shut up moment where she’s like, how many, how many years am I going to listen to you talk about this series that you’re gonna write, but I really did spend probably five years making notes for.

How’s the magical system going to function and collecting little like lines of dialogue that would just pop into my head and really just thinking about just waiting for the moment where the characters really appeared to me fully fledged and I had the sort of hook of the story. But you know, I came out of contemporary romance.

And so just from a purely commercial marketing standpoint, I was asking my readers to, to make a leap from contemporary romance into paranormal or into romantasy. Cause the trick was Filthy Rich Vampires is really that it starts off like a paranormal romance and then it leans into the fantasy more and more with each book.

So you get to see more of this magical world sort of like. I’m layering in front of you, but I’ve been writing all of these notes. I’ve been saying for years, I was going to write Twilight for adults, Twilight with sex, basically. And then one day the moment was right. And I knew exactly what brought these two together.

And it was the sort of, you know, Idea of the fake dating like he just doesn’t he is he’s being pulled out from his sleep He’s been asleep for over 30 years Because he has said basically I don’t want to even be woken up or deal with people anymore like wake me up when the world over

[00:07:47] Y. M. Nelson: Wake me when the

[00:07:48] Geneva Lee: And he gets woken up instead Being told, hey, you have to wake up and get married because of vampire tradition.

And he’s like, you know what I really don’t want to do, get married. So he just stumbled across this human very early on in the book that he’s drawn to for some reason. And he thinks it’s going to be a great plan because isn’t that what a fake dating story always is? It’ll be a great plan. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

If we just pretend like we’re, we’re dating and I won’t have to get married. I’ll pay off your mom’s medical bills and your student loans. So I just was like, there it is. That’s the fantasy right now. That’s the fantasy for me as a woman. A vampire just walked in, a 900 year old vampire just walked into my life and said, I’m going to pay off all of your debt and take you on a, like, world tour.

Can you pretend to be my girlfriend for a year? I’m like, sign me up. I’m already packed. It just kind of, it’s like one of those things where once it started, it just kept snowballing into a bigger world and there were more magical creatures involved. But it was kind of a slow burn getting into it of just taking my time with this project and taking my time with this project.

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From Royals to Vamps

[00:09:01] Y. M. Nelson: Were you writing Royal’s books while you were taking your time with this project?

[00:09:08] Geneva Lee: I was, yeah, I wrote I wrote several Royals books, and even the last Royals book came out last year in the middle of the e book releases of the Filthy Rich Vampire series. So, I mean, I was, the whole time I was still writing Royals, and I kind of said, I think that’s the last book, and everyone, I think, kind of is

[00:09:28] Y. M. Nelson: Aww. Okay. Oh,

[00:09:33] Geneva Lee: I had said book seven was the last book many years ago. And then Harry and Meghan happened. And I was like, well, these characters have something to say.

[00:09:44] Y. M. Nelson: Exactly, they’re talking

[00:09:45] Geneva Lee: So, yeah, so I was, I was definitely still writing Royals during, during that time. I feel like I’ll always be writing

[00:09:53] Y. M. Nelson: Oh yeah, I was going to say, for those, and I am going to put myself into that category because, again, I have just been introduced to romantasy and I’ve just been introduced to you through this through Filthy Rich Fae and Filthy Rich Vampires. So Is there a connection between the royals, even though they’re contemporary romance, because Filthy Rich Vampires, they’re royalty too. I mean, is there a

[00:10:24] Geneva Lee: So, funny, so for a long time I kept saying that I wanted to take one character in the Royals and turn them into a vampire and I’m still saying I might do it. Because I think this character, those who’ve read the Royals who are listening, like, I think Georgia would make an excellent vampire. I totally see that for her, but I haven’t like done that for sure.

However, when entangled picked up Filthy Rich Vampires we went back through and we did another round of edits, of course to be on their style sheet and It’s really very funny because I don’t remember which book it’s in, but there’s a reference. I think it’s book four. There’s a reference to the King of England, which at the time that that was written, there was no King of England.

So it was an Easter egg for people that have read the Royals that this is taking place in this same world as the Royals and all of my books take place in the same world. And so no characters have really crossed over yet. There’s been hints, but there was that reference, but the editors last year are going, You can’t say that the king of England is sexy and I was like, my king of England is sexy.

[00:11:44] Y. M. Nelson: Right in my world!

[00:11:46] Geneva Lee: you that most people are not out there being like Charles.

[00:11:50] Y. M. Nelson: no.

[00:11:51] Geneva Lee: Like, but you have to understand there was no king of England. So we had to like clarify that. Yeah, I think it now I think it might actually say King Alexander in the fourth book. Now, I don’t remember how we fix that. But yeah, so there is that link to it.

And I Always wanted to sort of have that moment of where we fully see a crossover and we see a character crossover that Because I love doing that. I love to have little Easter egg cameo appearances in all my contemporary romances. So never say never it could happen And I would expect to see lots of crossover in Filthy Rich Fae and Filthy Rich Vampires, and then we have a couple other Filthy Rich shoot offs that we’ll probably be doing at some point, so I expect those characters to always be crossing in and out.

[00:12:37] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, I As I was reading Filthy Rich Fae, I was like, Hmm. She gave me an Easter egg here back to Filthy Rich Vampires, which, we won’t talk about that. I don’t wanna spoil it, but I was like, Okay,

here’s a little Easter egg!

[00:12:53] Geneva Lee: eggs, and there’s already, yeah, there’s crossover with book four, one of a character in Filthy Rich Vampires is a main chara like a main character. Big secondary character in Billy Rich Bay. So

[00:13:04] Y. M. Nelson: Mm

[00:13:04] Geneva Lee: I kind of already planted all of that, but entangled said, do we should go in and do some, I was like, you think I didn’t already do

[00:13:11] Y. M. Nelson: Oh, right! Ha ha

[00:13:13] Geneva Lee: that.

[00:13:14] Y. M. Nelson: Got

[00:13:15] Geneva Lee: my sexy Marvelverse. Thank you very much. Like, this is what women need.

[00:13:22] Y. M. Nelson: All right, everybody. You heard it. She said Marvelverse. We have now knighted you. You are now a nerdy romantic. Yes, you are in. I love it. I love it all. You know, I, I want to talk, I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about Filthy Rich Vampires, which we were gonna, we’ll come back to that. But I really, we do have a few writers that also listen. Maybe more than a few. But it made me want to as you were talking about the Royal series and then talking about how ideas percolate and everything like that, I wanted to go back to how

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How Geneva Lee started writing

[00:14:03] Y. M. Nelson: you started, just how you started writing in general, what made you want to go that route with Royals and, you know, And, and, or just even be in the romance genre.

What made you want to do this crazy mixed up

[00:14:23] Geneva Lee: I, I have a very sort of twisted early career. I mean, I have a very crazy career period. I actually started in young adult. And so my first three books were a young adult series with New York. And I remember a moment when. I was, I think it was book two and there was a scene in this young adult, like it was a young adult dystopian trilogy that came out, started in circa 2012.

So that, that totally tracks if you know your, if you know your history, like what a surprise there was a young adult dystopian trilogy. And there was a scene in the second book where the love interest kind of like pushes her up against a wall and kisses her. I think that at all ages that girls and women can get behind this and it, like, it wasn’t an aggressive,

[00:15:18] Y. M. Nelson: Right.

[00:15:19] Geneva Lee: it was a passionate kiss, but my editor, I remember her saying, God, you write a lot of kissing scenes.

Maybe you should think about writing romance. It’s in an offhanded remark, and you know, I, I talked pretty openly about that series it’s published under a different name, but it’s, it’s no secret, it’s very easy to find this information out but I talked very openly about the series, the fact that that series was set up to be the next Hunger Games, like, literally, like, Comic Con, big New York trade shows, everyone’s saying this is gonna be the next Hunger Games.

And I’m over there banging my head against the table going, don’t have any pressure. And I am comfortable in saying that that series crashed and burned so fast.

[00:16:01] Y. M. Nelson: It did it!

[00:16:03] Geneva Lee: yeah, so while I’m writing this, this YA series and like keeping up with sort of the pressures of New York and pressures of going on book tour and whatnot, on the back of my mind, it’s kind of percolating the whole time that I should maybe write romance novels.

Because at the same time that I’m doing all of this travel and you’re stuck in airport bookstores and things like that, I finally picked up Fifty Shades of Grey because it was everywhere, right? So the year that I published my first book, that was the book, 2012, that was the book, was Fifty Shades of Grey.

And everyone was reading about it, everyone was talking about it in New York. And I remember just reading it and thinking that, A, I’ve always loved erotic literature. I have I’m what’s considered ABD. I’m all but dissertation for my doctorate in English literature and my specialty was very specifically sort of history of erotic literature.

[00:17:04] Y. M. Nelson: Wow.

[00:17:05] Geneva Lee: And so I’m, I’ve been obsessed with like studying this. For years. And so when 50 shades of gray happened and suddenly we’re mainstreaming erotic romance, it was really exciting for me from this intellectual, like no one cares, like they were like, this is what you want to talk about, about this. And I’m like, yes, I do.

I’m so excited. So it just was in the back of my head. Like, maybe I should be writing something like this. Maybe it would be fun. And as it became like more clear that this YA trilogy wasn’t really doing very well, I was like, well, you know what? I’m going to dip my toes into self publishing and I’m going to learn how to.

Market myself and do my own publicity and write my own books and work with editors and really know the business from the inside out in a way that when you immediately start publishing with New York, you don’t necessarily get because they’re doing everything for you, you know, and they’re handling all of these things.

And that’s really wonderful. And it’s such a privilege, but also

for better or for worse, when you’re with New York, there’s a sense of, you know, this was your book’s moment. And if it Didn’t work out then we’ve we have to move on to the next book and that’s just the reality of it But of course your own your own interest in that book doesn’t go away. You still want to see it succeed.

And so I was like, let’s learn how to do this. So I decided I will adopt a pen name and start writing romance novels. And that worked out really well for me to the point where I’ve never gone back and written another way. I’ve never, you know, I think. I had a different agent at the time, who was also a lovely human and I love her.

We still get along famously, but I think at some point we both went, you’re not going to write YA again, are you? And I was like, I am probably not like, never say never. But

[00:18:58] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

[00:18:59] Geneva Lee: so I just kind of I kind of stumbled into it, but that’s how I got started writing romance. How I just got started writing was basically that I kept talking about how I wanted to write a novel.

And I actually went to grad school because. This is very laughable in any academic listening. I apologize. It was It was doe eyed nativity. Nativity. Naivety. I remember thinking, well, I’ll just stay in school and I’ll go to college and I’ll work on writing a novel while I’m in grad school teaching a couple courses every semester and taking classes and there was not a lot of writing that was happening.

So I ended up leaving grad school, had my second baby and my mother in law called me and said, I demand that you write a novel. And it, I was so annoyed by it that I immediately went out and started doing that. So that worked out very well. And she made that phone call a year later. I had a book deal.

So I just really just decided I’m going to do this. I’m going to, I’m going to write a book. And I just, for those of you that listen to the podcast, because you want to hear like the inspirational story or the like behind the scenes, how did this work? Like, that is all I did. I remember at the time, Stephanie Meyer had a really robust website where she had a blog.

And I hope that’s still live because she talked about the process, everything from the initial kernel of the idea to mailing. That’s how old we are to mailing out like query letters through the mail. And so I devoured as much of that information as I could and just basically said, okay, I’m a stay at home mom during the day.

I take care of the kids and I do as much research as I can about publishing. And then at night I go and I write at the library.

[00:20:52] Y. M. Nelson: Wow.


[00:20:54] Geneva Lee: yeah,

[00:20:55] Y. M. Nelson: That is an awesome story. I love, I love the role that your mother in law plays in this.

[00:21:03] Geneva Lee: that first book is dedicated to her. It’s dedicated to her, my husband. I think it was like to Robin who demanded I write a book and to Josh who made that happen because I am very fortunate. I have a husband that is my first reader. I always say he’s my target audience. I want to entertain him.

And he reads them all. He loves them. So, yeah.

[00:21:23] Y. M. Nelson: I love that. I love that whole, I love that whole story. And you know something that resonated with me because I kind of felt the same way at one point When I was querying the book that is now on my shelf and hopefully will not remain there forever, but the

[00:21:42] Geneva Lee: Sometimes, man. Sometimes those projects, right?

[00:21:45] Y. M. Nelson: see what happens but I kind of have that same feeling.

I said i’m going to you know go back to school And write and you know, then maybe i’ll you know You teach a class or two or something like that. Oh gosh.

[00:22:03] Geneva Lee: I know, because it was just like, Oh, I can do that. While I’m also teaching writing to freshmen in college, you know what you’re always doing? You’re just reading other people’s No

[00:22:15] Y. M. Nelson: Right.

[00:22:16] Geneva Lee: A couple of you could write.

[00:22:21] Y. M. Nelson: I’m

there now. I am there

[00:22:23] Geneva Lee: Multiple drafts! Other people’s work going, I don’t have any energy for this.

[00:22:27] Y. M. Nelson: Exactly. Yes.

I am there now. I am tired of essays and maybe even a little bit tired of my own

[00:22:38] Geneva Lee: I know I had this, I had this hot minute after Royals did really well, where I was like, okay, I’m going to take a break. I’m like, should I go back to grad school and finish my degree? And everyone around me is like, have you lost your mind? That’s what you’re going to do for your break is go finish a PhD.

[00:22:54] Y. M. Nelson: break,

[00:22:55] Geneva Lee: Write a dissertation. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. I was always just like always a little annoyed with myself for leaving it unfinished.

[00:23:03] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

I, you know, it’s, it’s always kind of on my radar to, you know, get my doctorate and I just, Every time I think about it, it’s like, you know you’re looking through these rose colored glasses, hun, because you know your lifestyle

[00:23:21] Geneva Lee: had, I had a grad school. I had a friend in grad school and God bless her. This is who I need to dedicate my next book to because I remember saying, well, I’m just gonna finish. Finish my PhD but I don’t know that I’m going to teach with it because I don’t think that that’s really what I want to do.

And I don’t know that I’ll do anything in academics, but I need to finish because I started it. And she just looked at me just right in the eyes and said, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why are you going to waste all this time doing a PhD? I’m like, And it kind of clicked something in my head, and I was like, she’s right, like this is not something that you go keep pushing forward and keep collecting that, you know, so that you can have a PhD you’re not going to use.

So, I owe, Emily, thank you. Thank you. She’s like, she’s a tenured professor now. She was in it for the,

[00:24:21] Y. M. Nelson: She has goals.

[00:24:23] Geneva Lee: knew, she knew what she wanted to do and she was like, why are you going to do that Estelle? I’m like, you’re right, it is stupid.

[00:24:31] Y. M. Nelson: I mean, you’ve gotta listen to her. She’s a tenured professor.

[00:24:35] Geneva Lee: she knew what she

[00:24:37] Y. M. Nelson: she should know

[00:24:38] Geneva Lee: about.

[00:24:40] Y. M. Nelson: Oh boy. But yeah oh, we could talk about that all day. Because I am about to be up to my eyeballs and final final assignments in a


[00:24:51] Geneva Lee: Girl, I don’t even, I mean now I, now I just have to randomly ask you though that you’ve read some Allie Hazelwood, so.

[00:24:58] Y. M. Nelson: I Have I have not!

[00:25:00] Geneva Lee: yet? Because I just read my first Allie Hazelwood and as a former academic, like, there are academics that are kind of like, this would never happen in grad school.

I’m like, yeah, because it’s a romance novel in grad school. But also, like, the, like, vibe of the anxiety of the grads She’s a science grad student. It didn’t matter. I was like, yes, I understand all of this. Yes, imposter syndrome.

[00:25:22] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

[00:25:24] Geneva Lee: But I mean, I was like, I was here for it. I was like, this is awesome. So you got to pick up some Allie Hazelwood now because

[00:25:32] Y. M. Nelson: Definitely,

[00:25:33] Geneva Lee: love hypothesis.

I loved

[00:25:34] Y. M. Nelson: Yes. And, you know, and it’s been, to me, it’s also nerdy romance, to me. You know, so I’ve had it on my to be read list,

on my TBR for like, ever.

[00:25:48] Geneva Lee: it’s like a weird, like, trope that doesn’t come off that often, because, you know, you see, like, new adult with college students. I want grad students or professors. Like, I’m not going to be able to say no. Discovery of Witches? You’re going to spend the first three chapters in a library?

Sign me

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Inspo for Filthy Rich Vampires = Twilight

[00:26:04] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, exactly! Exactly! Oh, yes, yes, all of this. But yeah, let’s let’s talk, get back to Filthy Rich. Let’s talk Filthy Rich Vampires first, because that’s, of course, where I fell in love with your work. And of course, because you mentioned Twilight. So did Twilight, I, I’m assuming Twilight is Did you read how about I ask this? Did you read Twilight first

or did you look at the movie first?

[00:26:41] Geneva Lee: I read Twilight before the movie. I remember when the movie was going to come out and you know, I was, I was a young mom and I was in grad school when Twilight came out or when the movie came out, like Twilight, like, I think it had been out for a couple of years before the movie.

[00:27:00] Y. M. Nelson: Yes.

[00:27:01] Geneva Lee: But then everyone started talking about it and then everyone was kind of talking about their love of it. And I was on sort of a chat board with other moms, other young moms, and they were all obsessed. And I was like, okay, I’m going to try reading these books. But. I actually had another grad student friend.

I owe my grad student friends like so much actually in my career because I remember this. She was an older woman that had come back to school and she was like, reading these books in the grad student lounge and like, these are amazing books. And I was like, really? They’re like, young adult books. the teenager vampire books.

Like, apparently I didn’t learn my lesson because I think I said the same thing about Harry Potter to my husband in college when he was reading them all night long. It’s like, those are kids books. What are you? Yeah, same ending of the story is me binging these books and like, being like, what place in town would be open right now?

Because I finished book three and I immediately need to switch. Start book for two o’clock in the morning. But I, I did read those books before the movies came out and I always credit those books with sort of saving my life because I was, I was in grad school. We’d had our first son. Then I had a series of constant, like.

I don’t even remember now if it was three or four miscarriages, like boom, boom, boom. And so Twilight became this place for me where like, they had these big huge problems with, you know with vampires and werewolves and, but that like first love that the whole world just became a place that I escaped to.

And so they meant something to me that I think Like they just will always hold a special place in my heart. Like we can not, we can talk to her blue in the face about. Writing and technical like and all of that stuff, but at the end of the day, those books captured like some visceral emotions that I don’t and gave me a safe place that I will forever be grateful for

[00:29:05] Y. M. Nelson: And so, that’s what kind of led you to want to do the adult version.


[00:29:13] Geneva Lee: wasn’t on my radar at all. Yeah, it really cause so that would have been that’s like 2008.

[00:29:20] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah,

somewhere around that. Mm hmm.

[00:29:22] Geneva Lee: yeah, probably, I think it would have been around, it would have been, yeah, it would have been 2008 and 2009 that I was reading those and it was not on my radar that I was going to write this, this type of book.

Obviously, like you know, and at the time, then I, but then I became kind of a young adult fan for a while, like, oh, I’m going to keep reading young adult and it, it transitioned into dystopian, which is how I wound up writing the dystopian series, but it was after I had written Royals. And after I met my second agent that I said, I started having these crazy ideas about bringing vampires into that world.

And my team at the time was just like do it separately. And I was like, Oh, I’m just going to dabble with, I’m just going to play with it. It would be like sexy twilight. Like Like, if Fifty Shades of Grey had had vampires instead of billionaires, right? And, I just sat and played with it for a really long time.

So I would say, I mean, there was almost a ten year period. Not quite, more like eight years. Between me reading Twilight and then coming back and saying, You know what, I think, I think we can write vampires again. I think I want to write vampires. And then it was a lot of years before I did it. So

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The Paris Apartment, locales, and … movies?

[00:30:42] Y. M. Nelson: I love how, though, that the world kind of, you know, percolated in your mind for so long and you can actually tell that in the books because they’re so Rich, I can see these Places and not just yeah, i’ve been in san francisco. No, I can see these places that you’ve created In these books, especially that wonderful lovely paris apartment.

Please tell me Please tell

[00:31:16] Geneva Lee: based on a real place. It is based on a real apartment that was for sale. My, my favorite thing, my, I love real estate porn. Oh, I love it. And my, remember when everyone during the pandemic was like, yeah, I was, I was wet, I was, I’ve been doing that for years, but my, one of my favorite things to do when you’re writing, especially because I always have that sort of like niche of like the aristocratic, the billionaire, the like, So I go in and I look wherever I’m setting a book, I go in and I start looking, what’s the most expensive real estate in the area and find a house that I, house, estate, a castle that I loosely base, whatever it is on so that I can actually pull the like blueprints.

Cause a lot of times they’ll give you a blueprint or a 3d rock walkthrough for those kind of like high ends.

[00:32:10] Y. M. Nelson: Exactly.

[00:32:12] Geneva Lee: so when I’m writing, I know that I’m walking out of this room and going downstairs, like exactly like where it is all laid out, like, which is very theatrical of me. I did theater in high school.

I like that setting component. So yeah, the Paris apartment is based on a real Paris apartment and I wish I owned it, but I can’t afford it.

[00:32:35] Y. M. Nelson: Would that, did you have you ever been to Paris?

[00:32:39] Geneva Lee: Oh yeah, definitely. I have a very loose rule that I have to have gone somewhere to write about it. That’s not entirely true. There are a couple places I haven’t been to. But I try to go if I’m going to put it in something, so. I’ve not seen that Paris

[00:32:56] Y. M. Nelson: Okay, that’s what I was going to ask you. Have you

seen that Paris apartment?

You just,

[00:33:02] Geneva Lee: no, I’ve stayed in some Paris apartments, what, you know, Airbnbs and things like that through the years but not any, not, not one that fancy.

[00:33:11] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, not,

[00:33:12] Geneva Lee: Someday. We got to sell a few more books, so buy one.

[00:33:16] Y. M. Nelson: It’s just, oh wow. I was just like, okay, I am, I’m transported and I’m loving this and I need to find some plane ticket money and get on a plane and go.

[00:33:31] Geneva Lee: Yeah, there’s so many places in those books that are real places you can go, like, so, I mean, You could, I don’t, I’m guessing it’s not still on the market, but you know, there’s all of these other, you know, Gallery Lafayette, that’s a real place. You can shop, you can really have personal shopping experience.

You can really go to the tea shop that’s there that they sit down and have tea. Like, so I always try to add in these real places in the real world. And that. You could go to and experience that for yourself.

[00:34:05] Y. M. Nelson: Wow.

[00:34:06] Geneva Lee: I mean, like, book tourism is like,

[00:34:10] Y. M. Nelson: It’s a


[00:34:11] Geneva Lee: done all the Harry Potter spilling locations, you know?

Like, yeah, like, I just, you could do that if

[00:34:17] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, it’s a

[00:34:18] Geneva Lee: go to my Paris, you could go to my London, you could go to, you could go to these places. A lot of them.

[00:34:24] Y. M. Nelson: And you mentioned Dystopia, and I know that’s not the best, best place to, best place to live, or best place to be in, but, but yeah, they do Hunger Games tours here, so I’m in, Hunger Games film kind of, sort of area. I’m a little outside of that area, because, you know, some of it they did in Georgia, but some of it they did in North Carolina mountains, and yeah, they

[00:34:50] Geneva Lee: Yeah. I could totally see that though, like, When I think about those movies and I’ve been in North Carolina mountains, I, you, you could see that

[00:35:00] Y. M. Nelson: yeah,

[00:35:01] Geneva Lee: there’s so much filming that goes on around you though, like that whole area, just.

[00:35:06] Y. M. Nelson: yes, oh gosh, yes, it’s, it’s all over, but now that we’re talking about this, I’m thinking, Wow, wouldn’t it be cool to have a Filthy Rich Vampires movie series? Wouldn’t it? Oh my gosh! I’m just gonna put it out in the ether. How about I do that?

[00:35:28] Geneva Lee: You could you put it it’s in it’s in the either girl

No, they you know, it’s one of those I think it’s like I think we’re all supposed to, like, have this really, like, rehearsed thing where we’re like, That would be great! All authors about everything. You know, Hollywood is its own,

[00:35:48] Y. M. Nelson: It is.

[00:35:49] Geneva Lee: its own thing and I never, I always say if I’m walking the red, I’ll be excited if I’m walking the red carpet someday.

And that’s the moment I’ll be truly excited.

[00:36:01] Y. M. Nelson: Right.

[00:36:01] Geneva Lee: Until that moment,

[00:36:04] Y. M. Nelson: Right.

[00:36:05] Geneva Lee: you know, I, I’ve been in this industry for well over a decade and so, and I started in ya, which means that I know everyone in ya. So I’ve watched so much of that develop over the years and like this project is going to happen and it fizzles and, you know, so, I mean.

I definitely, you’re not the only one that would be excited about Filthy Rich Vampire or Filthy Rich Fae, and I hope that I can talk more about that someday.

[00:36:34] Y. M. Nelson: I


[00:36:35] Geneva Lee: hope that something comes of it.

[00:36:36] Y. M. Nelson: Yes, I

[00:36:37] Geneva Lee: We’ll just find out.

[00:36:39] Y. M. Nelson: I hope you can, too. I’m not gonna lie, I fancast my books. You know, these people are probably not

[00:36:45] Geneva Lee: I so want to know who you chose then, because I always feel like, I always feel like I’m hitting like a certain age where I no longer know, like, well what is the, like, I’m like, well that person, you know, 20 years ago, but that person would be great.

[00:36:57] Y. M. Nelson: It’s like, okay, yeah, this person

[00:36:58] Geneva Lee: Just not how time works.

[00:37:02] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah,

[00:37:02] Geneva Lee: You would have been fantastic 20 years younger.


[00:37:07] Y. M. Nelson: Right.

[00:37:07] Geneva Lee: I’ve definitely been like, I don’t know. I don’t know who the youngins are that are out there filming stuff anymore. Yeah.

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Geneva’s Cinnamon-Roll Alpha Males: Julian, Lachlan, etc.

[00:37:17] Y. M. Nelson: Right, exactly. But but whether or not it does get into the movie- verse or the TV -verse, I’m just making these words up right now I love the series and I will say this, I’m not really a, an alpha males person. But I like your alpha males. Now, part of this probably has to do with the fact that they’re vampires, and they’re fae, and, you know. Okay and, and again, I haven’t read the Royals series yet, but even with Royals, Royals have a certain distance, right? So we, can, we, we get that these people can be alpha, you know,

[00:38:08] Geneva Lee: Right. Exactly. Exactly. Well, I definitely really love that concept of like the cinnamon roll alpha, the alpha that is actually like, Very emotionally attuned and really treats his really treats a significant other like a queen, like, and respects her. And when he doesn’t that she feels safe enough to feel like she could demand that respect.

That’s really important to me because I want them to be equally matched in terms of strength of personality. But I, I like it. I like like, I love it. I will say character. I guess I love a man that’s very comfortable in his masculinity and that that bleeds into like, oh, well, yeah, like, like, my alpha males are this type of guys that will sit down and have a tea party with their daughter because that does not in any way, shape or form undermine their masculinity.

They know what they know that they’re going to walk in and be like confident and a powerful man in the room, but they also know that their wife is going to walk in and be confident and a powerful woman in the room or their significant other or their girlfriend. They’re drawn to that they’re drawn to that same level of strength.

And I think that’s why it doesn’t grade as much. Sometimes with my alpha males don’t come off as strongly alpha as some do, because. They’re very attracted to that same strong heroine but I like an alpha male. I you know, just someone who knows what they want and I mean in all stories are kind of to some extent someone trying to figure out what they want, someone trying to go after what they want, so these are just characters that generally Feel pretty confident in a situation and there’s something sexy about that.

There just is, you know you know, I don’t think it’s like the alpha male of like the eighties that you’d see in like an old action movie, right? Like I’m great with a gun and, , I throw back a drink and I’m a man’s man. Like these are just very emotionally aware men that are still deeply flawed, but We’re fairly confident, despite those flaws.

[00:40:21] Y. M. Nelson: I totally Feel all of that. And I think that’s why I’m drawn to your, your alphas. Because they like or they’re attracted to a heroine that’s not going to shy away from them. Because I also love a heroine that is kind of owning her own stuff. Now she might have some issues.

[00:40:48] Geneva Lee: Yeah,

[00:40:49] Y. M. Nelson: she’s owning her own stuff, and then the guy too, he might have some issues as well, but he’s owning his own stuff. And I like the fact that there is that kind of a mutual respect that goes on between the couple. There’s, it’s not a relationship where it’s like, This is really out of sync, you know, this guy’s really alpha and he’s really domineering and he’s really, you know, that, that kind of alpha male tends to put me off a little bit and I guess that’s why I gravitate towards Towards your characters and especially Lachlan Gage, who’s our Fae in Filthy Rich Fae, who is our MMC Fae in Filthy Fae. He is a Fae Prince and he is yummy, delicious

[00:41:46] Geneva Lee: he is he’s my current he’s my current book boyfriend because of course I’m knee deep in writing book two right now and Yeah, yeah, he is very delicious Yeah, I love him and he is in a lot of ways. He’s probably I’m saying this after writing Julian who Will rip a heart out without thinking about it. Julian is a vampire. So I feel like that makes

[00:42:11] Y. M. Nelson: That he’s fine. Yeah, exactly. He’s he’s

[00:42:13] Geneva Lee: Like you guys he has almost a thousand years of experience. He knows when a heart has to be ripped out I don’t know what to tell you. They deserve it He doesn’t just randomly do it but you know after writing him I was like and then Lachlan came along and he is like My most morally gray character and I love playing with shades of morally gray but he’s definitely They’re all morally gray.

I don’t think anyone crosses into anti hero territory. I don’t really write anti heroes. But, like, one character that I kind of, and even he doesn’t, in the end, he turns out to be a cinnamon roll alpha. They all turn out to be cinnamon roll alphas! They’re all like, yes, I will rip your heart out, but also, you should go shopping and take care of yourself.

I’m like, yes, I should.

[00:42:57] Y. M. Nelson: I I am loving this term this cinnamon roll alpha term. I i’m

[00:43:02] Geneva Lee: Yeah, because you’re like, Oh yeah, you get this gooey, warm, like soft interior that you show to some people. I’m married to a cinnamon roll alpha, so I’m, when that term like, when I first started hearing that, I was like, Oh, I’ve been writing alphas for years. I was like, that’s what they are. Like, click. Yeah.

[00:43:23] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. Totally. And Lachlan totally is. But to me, for him to be morally gray, and for him to be a fae, that makes sense to

[00:43:35] Geneva Lee: Yeah.

[00:43:35] Y. M. Nelson: It,

[00:43:36] Geneva Lee: of course, they operate under a different, yeah, they, they’re all operating under different rules than humans are, right? So,

[00:43:44] Y. M. Nelson: yeah. I mean, I, I see Julian as, he is a little bit colder than Lachlan is, right? But

then he’s vampire and Julian’s vampire and Lachlan is fat. So. To me, with the Fae, I see mischievous, I see, you know, we’re gonna do a few little underhanded things, but that’s

because we’re a Fae, right?

But this,

[00:44:17] Geneva Lee: you gonna do? I’m Fae.

[00:44:18] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, exactly.

[00:44:20] Geneva Lee: what we do. Yeah. Yeah.

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FMC: Cate Holloway

[00:44:25] Y. M. Nelson: I will say this, I love Cate so much. I love her so much, and even though you know, even though she’s got, she’s got things going on, she’s got issues going on. I love her resilience. I love her little attitude that she’s got. She’s like, I’m not going to take any gruff from you. I’m just really going to just, you know, just put all this back on you. You know, you’re going to come at me with some mess. I’m going to come back at you with some mess. I love that.

[00:45:04] Geneva Lee: She dishes it right back to him. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:45:08] Y. M. Nelson: it’s so awesome. There are, there are a couple of times though, I’m like. Ooh, maybe we shouldn’t have said that.

[00:45:15] Geneva Lee: I know.

[00:45:15] Y. M. Nelson: fae around.

[00:45:16] Geneva Lee: like, okay. Okay, she obviously feels fairly secure.

[00:45:26] Y. M. Nelson: Alright.

[00:45:26] Geneva Lee: her she’s such a, she’s such a unique character because she was the, the character that was kind of like the one that was really eluding me for the longest when I went to write. And yeah, and because, and I always say my characters, they just, they show up when they’re ready for the story to get.

[00:45:44] Y. M. Nelson: Mm

[00:45:44] Geneva Lee: And so I might dabble, I’m not going to force it. If there’s no character showing up, then we don’t have a scene. They are going to show up and be the person they want to be. And she, and they will really hurt and lock both. Like you’ve read the book. It’s not going to surprise you that they’re, they have very secretive personalities.

And so she’s very protective of herself for really good reason. So it just took her like, I talk about them, like they’re real people. Cause in my head, they really do kind of. Functionally act as real people. It’s

[00:46:14] Y. M. Nelson: You’ve written them like

[00:46:16] Geneva Lee: but yeah, but she took this really long time to show up and was very guarded. And I would be writing these scenes and be like, who are you?

Tell me who you are. And I had to really sit with her as a character for a long time before it felt like whatever universal creative force trusted me enough to be like, here she is. This is who she is and this is why she’s guarded. And it just made me love her more. Because she is so real. She, I think she feels like someone that we all know.

Someone who’s had the kind of trauma that so many of us have experienced. And, you know, but who would, you know, Be strong enough when put in this situation to go toe to toe with someone that could kill her

[00:47:02] Y. M. Nelson: Right.

[00:47:04] Geneva Lee: Very easily

[00:47:05] Y. M. Nelson: and think nothing of

[00:47:06] Geneva Lee: Yeah, yeah, and she’s just like no she’s got this she’s a survivor she’s very much a survivor And I’ve loved that about her.

Like I just relate to her in a way, but you know, I don’t play favorites I love all of my characters, but I really related to Cate in a way that It’s very deep and profound. So,

[00:47:26] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

Which is why it totally doesn’t surprise me what she did in the end. Y’all y’all are just gonna have to read this book Okay, y’all are gonna have to read this book You’re going to be like omg Like I did I just yelled it out. I was just like omg, you know, I was like, oh gosh Why but at the same time you’re not surprised because of who she is She’s very true to her character and that is a testament to how you’ve written How you’ve written all of these characters. I mean, they’re just, they’re just so interesting. You just want to be like, I just want to be in this world, you know,


[00:48:08] Geneva Lee: found family. That’s probably my number one trope. And so I always want it to be a world that you want to be in, that these are people that you want to be friends with, that you wish you were having a holiday dinner with. That’s just, that’s my particular catnip.

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New Orleans as a character

[00:48:23] Y. M. Nelson: Yes, and, two, it doesn’t surprise me that I This is set in New Orleans either, because to me, it, that, that whole, like, everything that happens here and the setting just all come together. It’s almost like, you know, how Sex and the City and New York come together, you know, it, it, it all just comes together like that, you know, and,

[00:48:50] Geneva Lee: I love, and I just, I just love New Orleans. It’s such an evocative place, like with this whole, you know, I kind of, they’re not the same series, but it’s a shared world, right? Like, and so it was really fun to go into cities that I love and like re imagine them as like magical hotspots. That, it was, that’s gotta be the most, Fun thing I’ve ever done like I thought it was fun back when it would just be like I was Figuring out the best place to go shopping in London,

[00:49:20] Y. M. Nelson: Right?

[00:49:20] Geneva Lee: but it’s like really fun to be like, let’s pretend there’s an entire magical world.

And this is where they hang out. So,

[00:49:29] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, I mean I could totally even see it though. You could just, it’s almost like you can feel a little bit of magic that, in New Orleans. You know, it feels magic just being there, you know.

[00:49:40] Geneva Lee: oh yeah, it does. It, there’s just, there’s that, that, that old world, the French quarter, the cemeteries that, you know, like, you know, you still feel this sense of like the old voodoo and who do, and this, this, this, this All this melting pot of cultures that happened there a long time before it was happening anywhere else in the country.

Like, yeah, it’s just a very evocative place. My husband keeps saying he hasn’t been there yet and I’ve gone twice. And so I keep thinking, oh, clearly we need to go for another

[00:50:17] Y. M. Nelson: That’s right!

[00:50:19] Geneva Lee: Writing. Writing, like writing. Oh, just gonna go and get some writing juju in

[00:50:23] Y. M. Nelson: that’s it.

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The Evolution of the Filthy Rich Series

[00:50:25] Y. M. Nelson: So, you know, before we before we Leave the Filthy rich series that’s not a thing. Series there’s the obvious question and the obvious play on another series. And was this something that obviously now that we, now that we know kinda where Filthy Rich Vampires kind of, the inspo kind of came from it. kind of takes, and two, because the series is nothing like Crazy Rich Asians, right?


[00:51:06] Geneva Lee: Yeah.

[00:51:07] Y. M. Nelson: you know, you, you, you kind of think when you first go into this, is this Crazy Rich Asians but vampires? And you know it’s not.

[00:51:17] Geneva Lee: Right.

[00:51:18] Y. M. Nelson: But did any of that come into play when the title was being considered? Was that, was that, Did you have any say in that

[00:51:28] Geneva Lee: I did. So I came up with the title Filthy Rich Vampire. It was originally the working title for years of that project. Filthy Rich Vampire was Midnight. And so I, I’ve referenced it as Midnight. We talked about it as Midnight. And I still love that title, like, because I just, because it is such a play on, like, Twilight, but not.

[00:51:48] Y. M. Nelson: yes

[00:51:49] Geneva Lee: And for a lot of reasons because there are so many paranormals that have been died in the title and things like that. We didn’t go with that, but the reason the actual reason that I wound up with Filthy Rich Vampire was that I did something different with this series. I had been polling my readers for years And saying, you know, what are you most interested in reading from me next?

Facebook and newsletters things like that and it was like Another royals book and this book a book set here vampires a book set here And vampires was always the one that came in like if not dead last Because I’d always throw something really random on there that my readers would not expect from me, like, sports romance, like, I’m not the person to write this.

Good on you, I’m not that one, nobody wants me to write that. But vampires was always the thing that came in, like, close to death last, but it was a passion project of mine, and it hadn’t been for years, right? I’ve been doing all these notes, I’m like, how am I ever going to get anyone to switch over from contemporary to reading vampires?

And And I wrote this series, I wrote all of the Vampire Books as a Kindle Vella, which is their new serial platform. Because I wanted to do something fun, I wanted to do something different. I am neurodivergent, so it was like a really fun, unique way to be writing consistently and frequently and kind of getting that like, Like having many deadlines and having many releases where I knew I’m dropping an episode this week that’s gonna blow everyone’s minds and everyone’s gonna be like, I can’t wait until the next episode.

And so when I decided I was going to do the serial, I was coming off the experience of having had the Royals books were on Radish for a long time. They had licensed it for me. They came to me and said, we’d like to put them up there. And they basically handled all of that, but it accumulated something like 28 million reads on Radish and they only called it the Royals.

And I learned something from that. I learned something from that. And I learned something from my German publisher who loves to lean into the trope in the title. And I thought, well, you know, I did a little like market research and I was like, what if we called it filthy rich vampire and everyone was like, kind of not sure because they’re like, but people are going to like dismiss it as not being very serious.

And actually they’re pretty serious books. Like they, you know, like,

[00:54:11] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah

[00:54:12] Geneva Lee: They’re not really genre, genre, genre, niche genre. And I was like, I just think there’s something to it. So we ran test ads that just led to a page called filthy, rich vampire, and it just blowing everything out. Everyone was like, I saw that title.

And we’re like, yes. And so I ran that, I wrote that Bella as filthy, rich vampires on Amazon, on Amazon’s Kindle Bella. And it was one of the top serials for like the entire 18 months that it was, that I was writing it on there. It was. In the top five, almost the entire time. So I was just like, clearly.

the title works. Like, even though, Cate, I do get a lot of I see a lot of reviews. Like, people will say, like, this is not what I was expecting when I picked up a book called Vildi Rich Vampire. And it’s always, like, a good thing. They’re like, I was, this is, like, way better than I thought it would be. I’m like, well, thank you, I guess?

I don’t, like, I’m thrilled that you

[00:55:05] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, right, exactly.

[00:55:06] Geneva Lee: that’s, you know, where it kind of came from. And I was publishing those books and I was publishing them myself. Cause I’ve been publishing myself for years and years and only doing traditional publishing with foreign publishers and like audio. I let my audio be published a lot of times where I don’t have that bandwidth, but I got a call from Liz Pelletier who is the CEO of Entangled.

And she said, first of all, she was upset because she was like, I wish I had come up with Filthy Rich Vampires. That’s really smart. And then she was like, Filthy Rich Fae. What do you think? And I’m like, what is that? Because I’d been building out this whole world, but it actually kind of stayed away from fey.

Cause I was like, I don’t know that I want to take it down the fit. Like fey is very popular in Romantic. And she’s like, I just think there’s We could write a killer book called Filthy Rich Fae or that you could write a killer book called Filthy Rich Fae And it just spun out from there that we just leaned into it.

We’re like, okay, we’re gonna have filthy rich werewolves. We’re gonna have filthy rich gods. Everything right? I’m my only request was basically all of them have to have multiple books because I personally try, I think we’ll get to the point with Filthy Rich Vampires where it spins into the brothers and those are really long standalone books.

But when I’m setting up this new world, this new species, if you will, like I want to have multiple books so that I can really tell the backstory of those characters and really give you like, Build that world out for so that’s now we have filthy rich everything

[00:56:44] Y. M. Nelson: Yes. And, and we’re

[00:56:46] Geneva Lee: But that’s how it started was just like Me being like i’m gonna write this serial and I want people to want to check it out so we Came up with filthy rich vampire in a fit of We had like four different working titles and it was clearly the winner.

So yeah,

[00:57:04] Y. M. Nelson: that is really interesting. I love the this is my marketing brain going off. I love the, yeah, you,

[00:57:12] Geneva Lee: I love marketing brain. Like I, you know, and I’m, and I’m the worst. Cause I’ll be like, I’m going to write this book and it’s going to have an antihero or whatever. And then it, it, it always inevitably kind of gets back to my style and my vibe and walks back from that. But I think that that’s one of the things after a decade that I’ve learned the most is.

Know your tropes. Know what you’re, and then, then play to them. Tropes sell books, and it’s, if you don’t, if you have so much money, and you’re so set up in life that you could just write for the utter joy of it, and never have to think about making a book sale, then I’m jealous. But I am here to support my family, and I’m so lucky that I get to do something I love.

That means I have to be smart about it.

[00:58:02] Y. M. Nelson: Exactly. Exactly. That’s exactly it. Oh my gosh, I love this. This is so awesome. I’m learning, y’all. I’m learning some stuff, too. Ah, this is great. But you know, With every guest that I have on guest author or guest interview that I do, I do a little rapid fire round.

[00:58:26] Geneva Lee: Oh, here we go.

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Rapid Fire Round

[00:58:27] Y. M. Nelson: can we do a little rapid fire round before

[00:58:30] Geneva Lee: We can do it! Let’s see how much of my brainpower my children have stolen from me today. Maybe less rapid fire, more like pretty quick.

[00:58:37] Y. M. Nelson: Okay, alright. The pretty quick round.

[00:58:41] Geneva Lee: The pretty quick round.

[00:58:43] Y. M. Nelson: Okay, so we might have talked about this one already, but it might not be what I’m thinking. The first romance you read and you thought, I want to write that.

[00:58:57] Geneva Lee: This is, this is gonna be a weird answer.

[00:59:01] Y. M. Nelson: Okay!

[00:59:02] Geneva Lee: I would say, argue, the first romance that I really read that, like, stuck with me and put me on the path. I would argue it’s the Anne of Green Gables series.

[00:59:14] Y. M. Nelson: Oh my

[00:59:15] Geneva Lee: that I read so much when I was a kid because it’s like her whole life and she meets Gilbert Bly and like the first and then boom, boom, boom, and it’s like eight books.

And I’ve read those books so many times I can’t even talk about it, but it shows you her whole life from meeting the guy that she hates. It’s enemies to lovers. Calls her parents. To becoming friends with him, to him telling her that he’s in love, you know, like, and so then eventually getting married and having kids, like, I loved that.

I loved going in on this whole long journey, and I think that that’s reflective of how I write romance, because I often don’t stop when they get married. If I can, I will continue the series, because I think there’s a whole different level of romance there, but it’s gotta be End of Green Gables. That was, that was the one where I was just like, this, there’s something here.

And I was young, like second grade. But I knew I kind of wanted to be a writer from that point on.

[01:00:07] Y. M. Nelson: Oh,

[01:00:08] Geneva Lee: And, yeah.

[01:00:09] Y. M. Nelson: And that’s what you wanted to write. That’s

[01:00:11] Geneva Lee: Mm hmm, I was gonna write things like that, yeah.

[01:00:14] Y. M. Nelson: So You kinda answered this earlier, but maybe not exactly. Best book boyfriend that you wrote.

[01:00:23] Geneva Lee: Oh,

am I supposed to choose? I have a harem. Just gonna call

[01:00:33] Y. M. Nelson: so she’s in a why she why choose situation here. Okay.

[01:00:38] Geneva Lee: I’m in a wad of shoes. I truly, like, I joke with my husband but it’s actually a real thing. That when I’m writing characters and I’m writing a love story, which I’m always writing a love story in some way, shape, or form, that I have an actual visceral moment where I realize that, like, I’m in love with this character.

Like, I feel like the feeling, like, you know, that feeling when you’re like, Oh, I’m in love with this person. Like, I get to that point with the relationship and with the characters and with the love interest specifically. And so, I literally am in love with Every single one of these men in a different way, and they all have a little bit of my husband in them, some little teeny thing, that is like clearly my husband coming through, so I guess, like, I just, I guess what I always say is, the one I’m writing right now, cause it’s like the one I’m in, so it’s Lachlan right now, because Deep into it with Lachlan right now where I’m Tris And I’m sneaking away from family functions and that kind of thing.

[01:01:39] Y. M. Nelson: Oh

[01:01:39] Geneva Lee: So it’s Lachlan

[01:01:40] Y. M. Nelson: Yep. I see that. Your best book boyfriend that you didn’t write. you have one.

[01:01:52] Geneva Lee: No, it’s just hard

[01:01:53] Y. M. Nelson: hard,

[01:01:54] Geneva Lee: It’s hard. I love Reese from ACOTAR and I really love Matthew de Clermont from Discovery of Witches. Those are probably my like top two that I that I didn’t write. Yeah. I want to go with those two. Yeah. I collect those two. I have a very large harem.

[01:02:14] Y. M. Nelson: You do?

[01:02:16] Geneva Lee: They’re all fictional,

[01:02:17] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, so it’s cool. It’s totally cool. Your Okay. What is your nerdy guilty pleasure? So so I can, I’m going to kind of elaborate on what nerdy is. So, it can be your Your fantasy, sci fi kind of a pleasure, or it can be nerdy as in I like some nerdy little thing or some geeky little thing. But I’ll say here we’re about nerd pop culture, so we’re all into the fantasy, sci fi, superhero kind of worlds. So

[01:02:59] Geneva Lee: I am a big, big nerd. When my husband and I went on our first date in 1997,

So we’ve been together since I was 15 years old. We spent the entirety of that first, that we went out to eat and then we saw the movie Titanic opening weekend. We’ve been around a long time. We had a fight over which one of us was a bigger Star Wars nerd. I like basically knew like he’s the one like I was like, it is clearly me.

And he’s like, I’ve read the technical manual. I was like, you read fake science. Good for you. Like,

[01:03:36] Y. M. Nelson: Oh my gosh.

[01:03:37] Geneva Lee: a spaceship. I’ll be impressed. But yeah, so I’m like a huge, like huge nerd. So I was so it’s just so hard for me. It’s like, I love Dr. Who. I love Dr. Who. I, I actually, I really love Star Trek. I am. I’m hugely into a lot of very nerdy things, like, and I’m, I know it’s like, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I know there’s some problematic stuff with that now and I tend to think, I love the books, I love the cast and I’m not gonna say anything else.

I learned the lesson a long time ago. One of my favorite books growing up was Ender’s Game, and Orson Scott Card might be one of the most problematic authors ever, but I still love those books. That, that book like really, really meant something to me. So I’m a huge sci fi nerd. That’s the biggest shock because I think that people would be like, what?

[01:04:32] Y. M. Nelson: Right.

[01:04:32] Geneva Lee: All sci fi. Love it.

[01:04:34] Y. M. Nelson: Alright.

[01:04:35] Geneva Lee: sci fi. Live for sci fi. Love it.

[01:04:38] Y. M. Nelson: loving this. You know, you’re talking to a Trekkie right now. I’m

[01:04:41] Geneva Lee: yeah.

[01:04:42] Y. M. Nelson: this.

[01:04:43] Geneva Lee: Oh yeah, and oh my god, the new Four year old, can’t watch anything and focus. We’ve been watching the new Star Trek series. How freaking hot is that, Captain? It’s almost Like, I’m like, it’s kind of weird. Like, he might, is he, can you be too handsome? He might be too handsome. Like, I kind of have struggled to watch him, but I kind of want to anyways. Like a car wreck.

[01:05:07] Y. M. Nelson: yes, all over that.

[01:05:09] Geneva Lee: Yeah, loving that, loving the vibe of that new, like, feels like it’s getting back to old Star Trek.

[01:05:14] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, it

[01:05:15] Geneva Lee: I was a TNG nerd. I grew up with TNG. And that’s, you know,

[01:05:20] Y. M. Nelson: I’m a TNG.

[01:05:21] Geneva Lee: Yeah, was obsessed with Wesley Crusher.

[01:05:24] Y. M. Nelson: Yes!

[01:05:24] Geneva Lee: of my first crushes ever. Yeah.

[01:05:27] Y. M. Nelson: gosh, we totally could, we could talk Star trek all day. You know whether you come or not, it’s okay, but you know I’m gonna invite you in if we have a Star the next Star Trek episode that we have. You know I’m gonna invite you

[01:05:43] Geneva Lee: yeah. Yeah, totally. Totally. Yeah, I love, I We both love it.

[01:05:50] Y. M. Nelson: Awesome.

[01:05:51] Geneva Lee: and I just absolutely obsessed. So

[01:05:54] Y. M. Nelson: th

[01:05:55] Geneva Lee: I grew up with it, you know. Yeah.

[01:05:58] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. Oh my

[01:06:00] Geneva Lee: I think we became more Star Trek fans too as we got, like, we were always huge Star Wars nerds, and then, like, as we get older, the nuance of Star Trek really starts to appeal to you in a different way. Like, that’s how I want the world to be,

[01:06:12] Y. M. Nelson: It does. It kinda works its

[01:06:14] Geneva Lee: bit of an idealist.

[01:06:15] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. it kind of works its way in there. And, yeah again, I could go all day about this, but I won’t. We’re gonna end it on this wonderful note. Oh my gosh. So Geneva, tell us where to find you if you’re on the socials or the internets.

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Where to find Geneva Lee

[01:06:36] Geneva Lee: I am on social, I am on social. I’m not like, and I’m like, if you’re like, I can’t handle following anyone else on social. Well, I’m not going to overwhelm you because I’m definitely like, I’m the older going, maybe a little less of this. So I’m on Tiktok. I think it’s the Geneva league. Cause someone’s, Stole Geneva Lee out from underneath me on TikTok.

And then I’m on Instagram and Facebook as Geneva Lee books and I’m on threads. And I actually am kind of really enjoying like low key threads, has kinda reminded me of like the early days of Twitter before

[01:07:15] Y. M. Nelson: Mm hmm.

[01:07:16] Geneva Lee: what it is

[01:07:16] Y. M. Nelson: Yes,

[01:07:17] Geneva Lee: Yeah, so that’s kind, that’s kind of nice too. I, I get on there and just kind of randomly spout nonsense throughout the day.

But I’m around. But I also am a very healthy. I’ve got to be writing some books and raising three humans. Raising three humans is a lot of

[01:07:34] Y. M. Nelson: That is a lot of work. That is a lot of work. And and obviously with Filthy Rich Fae, we’ll be able to find it everywhere. Is it going to be in audio? Ooooooh.

[01:07:47] Geneva Lee: I’m really hoping, they’re recording it right now. So I’m really hoping it’s going to be a simultaneous release. And then, of course, the first print run of Filthy Rich Fae. It’s actually a limited print run. We’ll have the beautiful sprayed edges. So probably, you know, those have been like, anytime you do a spray, you want to jump in on that as so yeah.

So it should, and those will be available in stores pre ordering guarantees it, but they’ll have the spray dodges in stores too. So it’s supposed to be in Walmart and Target and Barnes and Noble and everywhere. So

[01:08:21] Y. M. Nelson: nice. Nice.

[01:08:22] Geneva Lee: yeah.

[01:08:23] Y. M. Nelson: Oh my gosh.

[01:08:24] Geneva Lee: Totally crazy. It’s crazy to see your books in Target.

[01:08:27] Y. M. Nelson: I

[01:08:28] Geneva Lee: I feel like Target’s finally giving something back to me. Like I’ve been giving it so much money for years.

[01:08:36] Y. M. Nelson: And

[01:08:36] Geneva Lee: Finally.

[01:08:37] Y. M. Nelson: when you just go in there and you’re like, I just need, you know, a pack of gum or I just need this one little thing. Next thing you know, you’re coming out there with a

[01:08:44] Geneva Lee: Yeah. Always, always, always spending a hundred

[01:08:48] Y. M. Nelson: Oh gosh.

[01:08:49] Geneva Lee: a law.

[01:08:50] Y. M. Nelson: And now part of that 100 is going to be Filthy Rich Fae, y’all. Make sure

you put it in your carts, wherever your carts are. Whether it’s Target or Barnes Noble or wherever. You’ve got to pick up this book. It may be pre order by the time we put this out, but it may already be in stores by the time we put this out.

[01:09:12] Geneva Lee: because that’s June 25th, so.

[01:09:14] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. So yes. We are excited for it’s release. I’m excited for book 2 already, because

[01:09:23] Geneva Lee: Me too.

[01:09:26] Y. M. Nelson: Ha

[01:09:27] Geneva Lee: write in itself. No,

[01:09:28] Y. M. Nelson: ha!

[01:09:30] Geneva Lee: I’m needy.

[01:09:32] Y. M. Nelson: But yes, but no pressure at all because we are just loving this, this book one. And I’m going to get back to the Filthy Rich Vampire series. And now y’all, I’ve got to read the Royal series. Okay? I’m just totally

[01:09:47] Geneva Lee: It’s a long one.

[01:09:49] Y. M. Nelson: So you’ve got time. Geneva Lee, it was so nice to meet you and have you on Nerdy Romantics Podcast

[01:09:56] Geneva Lee: for having on and talking about nerdy stuff. We always talk about romance tropes, but I think a lot of us are nerds.

[01:10:03] Y. M. Nelson: Yes. Yes.

[01:10:05] Geneva Lee: Yeah, yeah.

[01:10:06] Y. M. Nelson: totally are. We totally are. And now I’m gonna invite you back for our nerdy episodes. Yeah, we gotta

[01:10:14] Geneva Lee: I will be there for that. I, there’s few nerdy things that I can’t talk, I can’t talk about video games. That’s, that’s the only line I’ve ever drawn in my life. I’m like, no, I don’t need to suck away my whole life with a video.

[01:10:28] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. I have a healthy respect for gamers. And

[01:10:33] Geneva Lee: it’s fantastic. And what did they say? Every reader is married to a gamer. I totally am. My husband

[01:10:39] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

[01:10:39] Geneva Lee: Games. I just, that’s my line.

[01:10:42] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, but yeah, we will definitely have you back. No gaming talk, but definitely some Star Trek talk. And now that I know you’re a Trekkie. Oh, we’ve got to have you back for that. Thank you for being on.

[01:10:57] Geneva Lee: Thank you so much. [01:11:00] Y. M. Nelson: While that’s the end of our discussion, it’s not the end of the story. Check out my website at nerdyromanticspodcast. com and while you’re there, sign up for my newsletter to get show notes of the episodes. Transcripts in your inbox. And if you want to see me, my guests, and my guest co hosts on video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel at Thanks for listening and for watching

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