Movie Review of Best. Christmas. Ever!

Best. Christmas. Ever! Movie Review

Y. M. Nelson and co-hosts Marcie, Dana and Corey and Staci review the movie Best. Christmas. Ever! to end the 2023 season. We also talk about some of our favorite books of 2023

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Ep.36 Transcript

[00:00:00] Y. M. Nelson: Hello, Nerdy Romantics. Today’s episode, we are going to talk all about the movie Best Christmas Ever on Netflix.

This is the Nerdy Romantics Podcast and I’m your host, YM Nelson.

Our Favorite Books of 2023

[00:00:38] Y. M. Nelson: Alright! Hey, all of you! I love that you’re here to talk about this movie with me! Hey, I just love that you’re on this podcast, so, I’m not talking to myself. But before we get into the best Christmas ever review since this is the last podcast episode of the year, I thought I would start it off. By having everybody talk about their one of the books that they loved that they read this year in 2023. So, with us on the podcast today, we have Stacey. Marcy, Dana, and Corey. Alright! So, we are going to talk and I’ll start off, how about that? I’ll start off with one of the my favorite books of this year.

I’ve actually just finished reading, so, it will be out by the time this recording is out. A book called Technically Yours, it’s by Denise Williams, and the book will be out as of this recording. This is one of my favorite books of this year.

So, this romantic comedy follows Pearl and Cord, and it is a truly nerdy romance because Cord is the, one of the CEOs of a fitness app fitness app, and he’s like the tech geek, you know, he does the coding and all of that kind of stuff on the fitness app, and so, Pearl used to be the administrative assistant and then she got her degree and she moved on and now she’s actually back at another company and they’re crossing paths again.

So, this is a second chance romance and I really like this one because I was waiting for this couple. This is the third book in, Denise Williams series and we saw Pearl and Cord in the second book, The Fastest Way to Fall. And, of course, I like the second book as well. So, Marcy, what about you?

[00:03:07] Marcie: Well, I talk about Iris Bolling a lot, and this year she had a series of Lassiter family weddings, and the last one was called A Christmas Affair, actually, and it was the wedding of Jade and Blake, and All of these fit into the nerdy romantics category because these are true stories of love for these characters, all of them are like, one is a tech genius, and one is a teacher, and one is, and there’s a couple of spies, like they’re all these highly intelligent people a couple of movie stars but there’s a whole undercurrent of that technology and intrigue that kind of runs through all of them, so, I feel like it’s nerdy and romantic, but this one is the story of Jade and Blake, and Blake is the actor and so, it’s interesting to see all of the other weddings, and then this will be the culmination, and for it to be a Christmas story, so, right now, That’s the book I’ve been loving.

[00:04:05] Y. M. Nelson: Alright, awesome sauce. So, Staci, what about you? What’s one of your favorites this year that you read?

[00:04:13] Staci: I’ve really haven’t read that many books this year that I’ve really, enjoyed. Well, there’s one. The only one I’ve anticipated and I enjoyed this year was yours so, far So, far this year The Accidental Swipe. That’s goes under nerdy and romantics; Because I have not been reading. Really a lot of romance anything this past year except for when we have to be reading for our podcast.

And I don’t think like some of my key people that I you know Talia Hibbert or anything like that has wrote anything that I’ve knew that wasn’t like a YA and I haven’t seen, I haven’t read that one. If you say just overall, I’m not, it’s not really nerdy, but well, I guess it is. John Mars, he’s one of the person I’ve been keeping up with, even though of The Marriage Vow or something like wasn’t now it was not his best book to me I should have said the best one, but I’ve been anticipating his next one that’s coming up.

[00:05:12] Y. M. Nelson: have a next one coming up. Yeah. Ha

[00:05:14] Staci: I read that was probably the best book that I’ve read in a long while is Keep it in the Family, which it’s not romance at all.

[00:05:22] Y. M. Nelson: Not romance. But hey, it’s, it’s a, it’s a book that you love, so, hey, you got it out there. Yeah, that’s fine. Cause this is a book podcast after all, even though we are reviewing movies and TV as well. So, let’s move on to Dana and Corey. How about you? Any books that you read that you really loved this year?

[00:05:46] Dana and Corey: So, I was going to cheat but Stacey took away my thunder. So, I was going to say The Accidental Swipe by this author name is Y. M. Nelson. So, some of y’all may know from the other podcast, I didn’t get to fully. Participate in the one where we did our book review on the book. So, I had some stuff that I just wanted to say, and I know that’s not what this podcast is necessarily for, but I didn’t get to say it during the podcast.

So. Two things about this book I wanted to say everybody talked about how much they loved it. It was great and stuff, but I don’t know if we touched base on and I’m putting in my review on Amazon So, the first thing is, you know How sometimes we read a book or we say stuff to each other and we write laugh out loud Like in a text and we know dang.

Well, we did not actually laugh out loud, but it was just funny So, I actually physically physically, literally laughed out loud at things in this book, particularly stuff from fortune and some of her thoughts and things that she said. And you know, when it happened, it was funny cause it struck me that I do read other books and they have things that are humorous, but I physically laughed out loud for this.

So, I felt like the comedy just was like on point. It was I could relate to it. So, I just wanted to bring that up because like I said, I know I didn’t get a chance to really say as much as I would have liked to. The other thing I want to say is look, this is me just putting it out there in the air.

So, one thing about the fortune character is when I was reading it. And I know she’s had bad relationships in the past and things have not necessarily, going well, which is fine because that’s how we get to Jason, but it made me really want to know her backstory because the more I read about her, I mean, this woman, she is professional.

We’ve already talked about the fact that she’s funny. She’s attractive. Like I really, I really felt like I want to know. And I think this really applies to real world situations like. Why did some of those relationships, besides like the one we specifically know about go awry because you are paper literally this, she’s like the full package.

And I just felt like I would love to know like some of her, her backstory. And it kind of made me think of the Tinder date thing, Yvonne. Just kind of how, I wonder what her experience would have been like, how she got to the point where she is now, I could just envision those stories and I think some of them will be hilarious, but just, it’s interesting to me because, I think about this when I think about some of my friends and things like that, like they’re total catches, you know?

 Just knowing her backstory and the things that she’s been through and stuff I just thought wow, this would be really interesting for this character to see that kind of stuff. But anyway, that’s my book. Thanks!

[00:08:39] Y. M. Nelson: Well, for that. And, and, and something to think

[00:08:43] Dana and Corey: It is I’m telling you I know you got others in the series. So, I know you got a lot of work already, but after you do that just something to consider, there could be the prequel, and all the whole series. Yeah. You know how this could go on forever.

[00:08:59] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. I know. Actually, I didn’t know until people started suggesting these things. It’s like, when you’re writing, you’re not really thinking about what else could happen. You kind of do, because you kind of do see a future happening or the fact that you may have to have some additional content right out there, but there’s some avenues that I just didn’t even think about And that’s one of those avenues. I’m like, wow people actually want to know that?

[00:09:32] Dana and Corey: love, I would love to know her pre story. I absolutely would. I’m very invested in that. So, you have to do it.

[00:09:43] Y. M. Nelson: Of course. Yeah, now I have to do it. So, Corey, you, any books? I

[00:09:51] Dana and Corey: He’s read a book. Go ahead. Tell everybody the book you read this year. All I said was some Lego manuals.

[00:10:00] Y. M. Nelson: That is very nerdy. How about that? You are in the right spot. You are in the right

[00:10:06] Dana and Corey: I wasn’t,

[00:10:06] Y. M. Nelson: Actually,

[00:10:07] Dana and Corey: I wasn’t romanticized by any of them, but you know. Okay.

[00:10:17] Y. M. Nelson: which we are, but but yeah, your your Instagram feed is, funny because I’m like, I want to know the next Lego kit that you have. I’m like, and do you put them together? You are an I have to take them out of box. That yeah–

[00:10:34] Dana and Corey: No,

[00:10:34] Marcie: So, do you have like a room that they sit like do you have … do you display them? Once you build them.

[00:10:41] Dana and Corey: them. Yes, there are multiple places inside of a room. Yes.

[00:10:46] Marcie: Awesome.

[00:10:47] Dana and Corey: Yep, collecting dust. Yes, exactly.

[00:10:51] Y. M. Nelson: I think that might be a point of contention so, we’ll move on

[00:10:54] Dana and Corey: my stuff collects dust too. I’m just letting

[00:10:56] Y. M. Nelson: okay

[00:10:57] Dana and Corey: if you come over there’s gonna be

[00:11:01] Y. M. Nelson: Oh, but it’s just so, cool. I’m like, okay, this makes me want to play with Legos. Now, stepping on Legos, that’s a whole nother story. But, playing with them, yeah, that was fun. So, let’s talk about why we’re really here. Best Christmas ever. It was on my to be watched list because I’ve started watching a lot of, rom coms and just comedy movies and cute movies and reviewing them on the weekend on my YouTube shorts and and I think it’s, you know, it’s fun to kind of do that, but I This one was on my to be watched list, but it wasn’t high up on my list until Marci suggested it. So, you know Marci, I’m gonna have to give you the floor on this one. Tell us why you wanted to watch this, why you wanted to recommend it to us to watch or what?

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First Impressions and Christmas Newsletters

[00:12:01] Marcie: Well, it’s real simple. So, I’m a Brandy fan and I follow her fan pages and She posted that she was going to be in the movie and I said I’m here for that And I like a good Christmas movie. So, I decided that maybe we should we should all take a look and see What it was about. And that’s how we got here.

Because I love all things Brandy.

[00:12:26] Y. M. Nelson: I’m with you on that. I think, yeah. I love Brandy, and we’ll talk a little bit more about that, so, for everybody else, obviously, it was that Marcy suggested it to us. You know, we’re all friends here, and if there’s a suggestion that goes out in the group text, we all kind of try to watch it.

 So, here we all are, now that we have all seen it, let’s talk about first impressions. Did anybody watch, the trailer before they actually watched the movie, or we just went into the movie? Okay, so, nobody watched the trailer? So, First impressions, what did you think first before really even getting into the movie? Like maybe even the first few minutes

[00:13:15] Dana and Corey: just say whatever?

[00:13:16] Y. M. Nelson: you can jump in and say whatever.

[00:13:18] Dana and Corey: $10 budget.

[00:13:23] Y. M. Nelson: Ten-dollar budget. right Staci

[00:13:26] Staci: first impression was Netflix bamboozled me because the little thing, picture show Brandy. She was not the star of this show, of this movie. And I hate it when Netflix does that, when they show that hey, I’ve, I watch things with black actors and they’ll put that black actor or actress in the picture, and then you go actually watch it and be like, They were in there like 10 minutes, and that was it.

And I don’t like that kind of bamboozling. I mean, it was a standard Christmas movie to me, But it was, but I thought. It’ll be Center Stage Brandy, which it wasn’t.

[00:14:05] Marcie: I really thought it was. Had a pretty significant part

[00:14:10] Staci: I mean, she had a–

[00:14:11] Marcie: I, I really feel like she was, she was integral to the movie. I really did.

[00:14:15] Staci: She was integral to the movie, but to me, the star was the other woman, really, of the show, of the whole movie, was the, whoever that actress

[00:14:22] Dana and Corey: Heather Graham.

[00:14:23] Staci: That was, yeah, it was really About her and it was just yeah her she admired Brandy She wanted her life and all that, but I just don’t think that Brandy was the star. She was integral, but she wasn’t really her and that’s all I was just thinking I was expecting her to be from Brandy’s perspective. I guess maybe not Maybe I really thought it was gonna be Brandy’s perspective and not the other [character].

[00:14:45] Dana and Corey: So, I’ll kind of piggyback on that. So, Stacey, I agree. Like initially in the first few minutes, I thought it was going to start with Brandy and be abroad. I know she was doing the letter and stuff, but I did think it was going to be Brandy. I think overall it was probably 50 50 between Brandy and Heather.

So, I do feel like it was Brandy, but when it first started, I was like, I felt bamboozled too. I was like, wait a minute. I thought this was Brandy’s movie and it was very Heather focused. I felt like initially anyway. So, if I’m being honest about the first few minutes into it, before I get into what I thought overall, I mean, I was like, Brandy’s life is BS. Her newsletter or whatever. I was like, oh, I can’t wait for the lies about this newsletter to come out because this doesn’t even make any sense. This is unreal. That’s probably what I thought the first couple of minutes.

[00:15:34] Marcie: My first thought was, do people really send these newsletters

[00:15:37] Dana and Corey: They do. My dad has, I think it’s stepbrother who sends family newsletters out. Sure. Pictures. That’s the only reason I know what they look like, but anyway, pictures and what’s going on with his kids and all that stuff throughout the year. Sure. Sure. Do. Yeah. I’ve never sent one, but I have received.

[00:15:58] Y. M. Nelson: yeah Yeah, my, first thought when it started was, yeah, the newsletter thing. Before, I started watching, and this tells you how much I wasn’t paying attention to the actual description.

And I thought it was gonna be something like What is that show called? The Christmas Light fight kind of thing. I thought it was gonna be something like that where they were gonna be battling against each other like who’s the most Christmassy and I accidentally described it that way to somebody too, so, this probably be a good time to talk about what the movie’s about so, Charlotte Sanders and her husband, Ravi, are about to go to their sister’s for Christmas and they get in the mail a newsletter, that’s what people are talking about, they get a newsletter from an old college friend, Jackie Jennings, and she’s talking about her wonderful family and how great her family is. So, Charlotte’s son gets a hold of this newsletter and actually wants to go to meet Jackie, to be part of Jackie’s Christmas because it just looks so, great, and so, he does Kid shenanigans, and they end up at Jackie’s house, and they end up snowed in and for most of the movie Charlotte is trying to really figure out if this newsletter is really real or if it’s BS and of course, because this is kids, there’s other subplots, is Santa real, and, they are at that age, and all of that kind of stuff. So, at this point, since we haven’t really spoiled anything yet, spoiler alert! We will be spoiling this movie. So, if you want to watch Best Christmas Ever, now’s the time to turn this off, go watch it, and then come back and enjoy the discussion with us.

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What we thought of Jackie Jennings; Christmas Newsletters v. Reality

Okay, so, let’s get into it. Since we have talked about this newsletter, we’ve talked about this, this whole is Jackie’s life BS, or whatever. what did we all think about Jackie as a character? And how Jackie’s portraying her life, and since, Brandy is an actress that’s playing Jackie, she kind of brought us into this movie, so, let’s talk about Jackie as a character, and Jackie’s family. What did we think about this? Dana and Corey.

[00:19:01] Dana and Corey: sure. So, Jackie is a character and I’m going to talk about her. I didn’t like the way Brandy played her. She was very like, oh my gosh, if you need anything, we have a cupcake maker in the kitchen. And, my horses can take you into town. Like, I don’t know what this voice thing she had going on.

That entire movie was like this soft-spoken kind of thing. I want. It was awful. Like it, y’all heard me say this before when stuff takes me out of the movie. Like her voice to me was like annoying. So, I didn’t like, like how she acted. She acted, I don’t know how to really talk about this without just kind of widening it up a little bit, Yvonne, because I feel like I have to just give you my overview of kind of the movie and then maybe backtrack it a little bit.

[00:19:51] Y. M. Nelson: Okay, How about we do

[00:19:52] Dana and Corey: okay.

So, overall, the movie was awful, right? And I can’t believe anybody thinks anything other than that, right? So, when I first, I was going to come up here and say it was trash, and then I felt guilty. I love me some Brandy, right? So, I was like, well It was bad and I stand on that hill, but I was like, well, if I had to recommend it to somebody, who would I recommend this movie for?

So, one thing I say about this movie is it was very nice and PG, it’s something you absolutely could let your kids watch. So, how you see kids at the grocery store and they have like, Mom or dad’s iPad. This movie I would recommend to put on the iPad to give the child something to do. Or, some people let their dogs watch the iPad.

They can let the dog watch the movie. Whatever. Because outside is

[00:20:45] Y. M. Nelson: Yes! Oh

[00:20:47] Dana and Corey: That movie was so, so, bad. Corey even knows in the middle of it, I took a break and went to eat and start TikTok. I was like, I don’t even want to, I’m eating. The food is good. I don’t want to mess it up by watching this movie at the same time.

, I feel like I kept waiting for the ball to drop, and maybe that says something about me.

Right. But I did not believe this stuff in Brandy’s life was real. I felt like it was definitely too good to be true. I thought the way they tried to add some real life to her character with her son, with this mysterious illness, five seconds before the movie ended, I wasn’t buying it. I was not buying it whatsoever.

I didn’t feel the chemistry between her and her husband. I didn’t feel that even when they were kissing. Like I think we were picking out Christmas trees. It was kind of like; I don’t even feel the chemistry here. I felt more chemistry I think between Heather Graham and the guy who I’ll refer to as the guy from the movie with the American Pie.

[00:21:49] Y. M. Nelson: I mean Jason Biggs.

[00:21:51] Dana and Corey: felt like their relationship was a little more realistic, I think. And so, I felt like throughout the movie, I kept waiting for a plot. I told Corey, I did, it was a movie about just somebody’s life and it just didn’t have any real meaning to it. You know, It’s very Hallmark lite. Like, it felt like a PG movie that you would see on the Hallmark channel or something, or the Lifetime channel.

But, usually with those films, there’s some type of plot that has some significant drama, or some kind of tension. Something that has stakes around it. There’s like, No stakes, no tension, no drama around anything that happens in this movie. And everything just happens so, fast that you don’t really have time to care about any of the situations that they’re dealing with.

And there’s a lot of plot points that don’t actually get. Resolved, you know, or even talked about like they just kind of mentioned it one moment and then it’s just dropped before the end of the movie. I can name a couple of them, but I agree with Dana was saying the acting is just like over the top by Heather Graham and by Brandy themselves where it felt like they were in a soap opera.

or trying to audition for a soap opera, or whatever. And it was just another platform for Brandy to actually sing some songs that was also, cringeworthy as well. Yeah, it was bad. I actually watched it one and a half

[00:23:25] Y. M. Nelson: Brandy’s not listening to us. It’s alright.

[00:23:27] Dana and Corey: I got to the end of it and actually started it over and watched it again on twice the speed because I was like, I got to find out if some of these things really did happen or really didn’t happen. It was pausing and writing more notes. Some nerdy stuff in there too, Yvonne,

[00:23:42] Y. M. Nelson: Yes! It was.

[00:23:45] Dana and Corey: superhero things. And I was like, this is wrong. This is wrong.

[00:23:49] Y. M. Nelson: Yes. Yeah.

[00:23:53] Dana and Corey: this is the Christmas hidden figures. This is a low budget movie about women in STEM.

Y. M. Nelson: Unbelievably. Yeah.

[00:24:03] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. And yeah, they are women in STEM. Yeah. so.

So, Corey, you mentioned the plot points that didn’t get resolved and I probably have some on my list as well. What are your, I don’t want to say what are your favorites, but What are the big ones that you were like, why didn’t they do

[00:24:23] Dana and Corey: So, okay, so, they’re supposed to be going to her sister’s house, and that, like, just completely gets left to the side, like, in the very beginning, when they get to her house, her husband just writes it off by going, Oh, yeah, I talked to her. She said it’s okay. You know, we’re fine. She got snowed into.

They never mentioned her sister ever again. Her daughter is supposed to have these superhero powers. And like, halfway through, they just completely forget that too. Like, she is trying to figure out what her superpower is. And then they decide, you know what, this kid is not as cute as the Harvard girl.

So, we’re not going to actually write her any more lines. So, she’s just in the scenes without anything to say. I was like, why is the question? character. They forgot all about her. The little girl and the little boy and the little boy’s sister was a nothing. Like I was like, Oh my God, they straight up family matters.

That little girl, she went upstairs. She was the duty. You get to the scene where she sings with Brandy and she’s doing her hands like this. And then after that, you can just forget her. There’s nothing else for her to do.

[00:25:29] Y. M. Nelson: God, this is so, upsetting.

[00:25:33] Dana and Corey: It was so, awful.

[00:25:34] Y. M. Nelson: Oh, I’m sorry, we’re laughing so, hard. But Marci, I know you got a wide-eyed look on a couple of things that Dana said. I’m to have your take on it. Mm

[00:25:51] Marcie: As a counterpoint to all of that I did not think it was trash. I think it, it did have a little heart in it somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t campy. Yes. Am I gonna object to that? No, it was campy all the way through, but I think that it was consistently campy and it was Hallmark-like esque.

I I did enjoy the Brandy song choices. I thought they were pretty fun. I I cannot disagree That after they had a little girl talking to the horse and trying to figure out If talking to animals was a real superpower. I really did feel like that was all they had for her I agree that after that and then when she did sing with Brandy I was like Is that her superpower? Like, I, agree with you that at some point they didn’t have much else for her to do. I agree that she, somebody had to get the shaft and I feel like poor MonkeyBob got more time than she did. And, I’m not gonna disagree with that.

I do agree that somehow, they did decide somewhere in the middle that the little genius girl Had more star power and they just put her in the front now to that end I did enjoy her. I thought she was cute. But I agree that they let her down, horribly bad, and they brought her back at the end and had her, yeah, it was unfortunate. Even when they were trying to figure out if Santa Claus was real, they let the brother and Monkey Bob have more of a, really, it was sad when you think about it,

[00:27:18] Marcie: Monkey Bob

[00:27:18] Dana and Corey: for Monkey Bob, if it was not for Monkey Bob Santa would not have existed.

[00:27:23] Marcie: I mean, that’s true, and then that weird part at the end where Santa was with, with Charlotte, and was like, thank you for helping me believe. I was like, but Jackie did all the Christmas work. What are we talking about? This woman was 10 minutes from Scrooge. I don’t understand. I feel like, I agree with you that there were some Inconsistencies, but it was also, mostly lighthearted and fun and it wasn’t super long.

So, by the time you really started digging into all that, they were doing that last show at the end and the balloon came and it was great. So, I feel like in the Hallmark way, it kind of wrapped it up with a bow. And you know, they tried to, except for that little girl, they tried to bring everybody back at the end. I didn’t hate it and I like the songs, but I do agree that they did Judy That Girl real bad, and that the monkey. Was overinflated in a lot of parts of this movie. Brandon was carrying him around town. I was like, what why? But it could be labor laws for children. Who can say? Maybe they

[00:28:28] Y. M. Nelson: Oh, Lord.

[00:28:30] Marcie: they couldn’t pay him anymore. They’re tutoring. But All in all, I did not hate it as much as Dana and Corey. I thought it was lighthearted and fun. For someone who’s looking for a good old PG rated movie for families, I would recommend this. I have some, I have some older friends who have grandkids, and this is something I would be like, you can watch this with your grandkids, as long as you are clear on how y’all feel about Santa Claus, because you’re gonna have to talk about it. But But yeah, I do think it has some but it was a Netflix Christmas special and I really felt like that’s what it was. I did not pay extra for it and so, I give it Netflix Christmas. Ratings I, if I had seen this in a theater,

[00:29:14] Dana and Corey: prices

[00:29:16] Marcie: they did, but if I had seen this at a theater, I wouldn’t, if I, if I, if I had seen the marquee, seen Brandy and gone to the theater, I would feel differently.

But because I saw the marquee and saw Brandy on my couch, it gave me some Christmas feels. It had a little heart. I saw the sun thing coming. It wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

[00:29:43] Y. M. Nelson: Staci, What is your overall impression? Oh, my God. This

[00:29:49] Staci: My,

[00:29:50] Y. M. Nelson: Oh,

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Is this a Hallmark movie or what?

[00:29:51] Staci: I mean, to me, it was a standard Christmas movie, you know, and it was to me Hallmarkish. You had the standard, I mean, there’s different tropes in Christmas movies. You have a Scrooge like character finding the miracle of Christmas and love and It’s what that is. I mean, most Christmas movies like that.

 I realized I don’t really care much for Christmas movies. I like Christmas lights. I like Christmas music and I’ll have that on as I watch Chuckie and my dad, but Christmas movies, I’ll watch it with the people, with my family.

 And then once it’s over with, I’ll go into the room and I’ll turn something else on. Or that kind of thing. So, I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, because it is to me just hysteric, just a Christmas movie. Not one of the greatest Christmas movies out there, no, but In a way, I mean all movies are the same just about if you go by the tropes and everything like that but it does the same it delivers the same thing. It went exactly as how I expected it the only thing is Even movies where I expect the same thing.

I wanted to do it in such a way that okay It’s going to keep me interested and this did not really keep me interested. But Most Christmas movies don’t keep me interested. When it comes to Christmas movies, it’s like Okay, he’s gonna find a mean to Christmas.

She’s gonna realize her family matters. It’s just And how but it’s and how you do it and there’s certain ones I will watch but I’m like, okay It’s Christmas movies. I will have to agree with Marcie. If I went to a movie theater, I’d be a different store Netflix. It’s like We also, had to watch. I was like, okay, I’ll put it on. Okay, Christmas movie. All right. That was the end.

And like Marcie says, I see my dad be like, you should have seen that Christmas movie with that, with that little girl who sings, you know, cause he won’t

[00:31:42] Y. M. Nelson: Oh gosh.

[00:31:44] Staci: you know, and he’ll see, he’ll watch something like that, or my mom will too, that kind of thing, or I have no problem. Hey, you know the kids need to watch the movie, there’s this thing on Netflix They might enjoy well, no because we don’t want to have them think about is Santa Claus real or not so, we might need to rethink about showing that the age bracket, but but It’s one of those kind of you know We put it on all day for Christmas like that and some other movies and it’s just on loop And you know, once you pick it up, oh, it’s the Brandon movie.

Oh, it’s the so, and so, movie. Oh, it’s the Christmas story. I mean, most, I mean, it’s no Christmas story. Let me change that. But,

[00:32:25] Y. M. Nelson: No.

[00:32:26] Staci: but, you know, it’s just the kind of stuff you’ll see at Christmas. It’s, to me, like I said, Hallmark. I mean, it was just Hallmark Book of Pages. Like, it meets this, meets this, meets this, meets this, and we have, and there’s the book., we have a new movie.

[00:32:43] Y. M. Nelson: Right, right, yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna, have to agree with a lot that’s been said here about about this movie. And, and first off, I’m gonna have to also, agree with what Stacey said about About Netflix’s marketing, it’s like when they know you like, you know, black people in stuff, they will show like, you know, they’ll have that image of the black person or black people in whatever it is, and they may not be the titular character. Anyway, back to the movie, what I also, agree with that a lot of you have said is that it was definitely overacted.

And to me, I love a good Hallmark movie. Because obviously, y’all, I love a good, you know, cute romance. It’s something about a Christmas romance. I don’t know, it’s cute, it’s, heartwarming, and, whatever. But I also, know, with Hallmark, a lot of theirs are made from books, which is why theirs Have, even if it’s a shallow plot, it is a plot. And this did not seem to have a plot to me. We looked at these characters. And it would be cool if we had a little more backstory. So, it could be like a where were they then kind of thing. Because it’s obviously some stuff going on. I didn’t even realize. That all of them were in college together, except for the husband, that they were all in college together, until like, a third of the way through the movie, I was like, oh, they were all in college together, and I’m like, well, what is this strange dynamic?

The dynamic, was weird. To me. And I think that’s partly because I don’t think the story was actually developed correctly. Like, they didn’t actually have a plot and character arcs and all this other stuff. I mean, these people are the same people. I think, probably, Charlotte did change and she’s the one that Probably does need to change in this because she’s the one that comes in with all the disbelief and then she believes, and so, maybe that’s all we need for a Christmas movie?

I don’t think so, because these people went to college together and it feels like They all should have changed just a little bit as they have gotten together and all been snowed in together. It’s just weird.

I also, agree with Dana about the way Brandy acted this, because she’s so, much better than this. It was way overacted, and I think it’s because we are thinking as, or maybe we should be thinking as we go in, That it’s a Hallmark like Christmas movie. And so, we’re expecting this kind of overacting, we’re expecting this whatever. But it was, it was too much even for something like this. Right? Even for a a Christmas movie, it was, it was overacted a little bit.

[00:35:58] Staci: okay. I’m not gonna say I thought she was great, but she she acts to me acted like she for a Christmas movie She acted like a Christmas movie

[00:36:05] Marcie: right? I didn’t I didn’t feel like

[00:36:06] Y. M. Nelson: that’s what I, that’s what I’m saying. I

[00:36:08] Staci: I mean she acted likeHallmark. Okay. I’m sorry What was that?

[00:36:12] Y. M. Nelson: No, go ahead.

[00:36:13] Staci: Well, I mean I to me and I guess maybe because I can But I’m not saying when I but her acting was like I’m supposed to be perfect, you know perfect people, you know, we don’t have to raise our voice and do it’s just It’s just how things are, you know

[00:36:33] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

[00:36:36] Staci: And I’ve seen it before maybe because again I’ve seen before I’m kind of Hallmarky those kinds of things now the good movies the good Christmas movies. No, it’s not like that they want about good Christmas who have She has something, the actor has something to hold to and really act towards, and I think she doesn’t really have,

[00:36:58] Y. M. Nelson: She does

[00:36:59] Staci: She was given a lot, and she tried to deal with what she was given, you know, I don’t think, she didn’t have, if you didn’t figure out until like a third away or fourth or halfway here that they were supposed to know each other, she might not have known that at all,

[00:37:13] Y. M. Nelson: Right?

[00:37:13] Staci: you know, and so, I

[00:37:16] Marcie: I thought it was pretty obvious though because there was an undercurrent of jealousy And then she at the beginning there was an over familiarity with one another. I thought that part was But you’re right, but I think it was just because the whole first half of Heather

[00:37:32] Y. M. Nelson: But it yeah, it wasn’t from the very beginning

[00:37:35] Dana and Corey: It was.

[00:37:36] Marcie: It was.

[00:37:37] Dana and Corey: Yeah, it was. Cause they’re in the car driving to her sister’s and she says, Oh you, proposed to her three times. He goes, no, he was actually, it was only once.

[00:37:47] Marcie: Yeah, it was only

[00:37:47] Dana and Corey: And then at the breakfast table, she says that she was her tutor or else she wouldn’t have graduated,

[00:37:53] Marcie: Yeah, like they made a whole bunch of inferences

[00:37:55] Dana and Corey: Yeah, so, there was a lot of inflections throughout the whole thing.

[00:37:57] Y. M. Nelson: That’s a, that’s like a third of the way through the movie at that

[00:38:02] Marcie: No, in the car, it’s like right after they got in the car.

[00:38:07] Staci: And the fact that you can’t remember it just shows you about the

[00:38:10] Dana and Corey: Exactly. And here’s

[00:38:11] Y. M. Nelson: yeah,

[00:38:12] Dana and Corey: day it doesn’t

[00:38:12] Staci: Or at

[00:38:13] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, I mean, I s I But I remember that, like, I knew that they had a history but I didn’t realize all three of them had a history and all three

[00:38:24] Marcie: Yeah, because she said

[00:38:25] Y. M. Nelson: together and whatever.

[00:38:27] Marcie: out of college without her.

[00:38:28] Y. M. Nelson: yes that and and by the time by the time that happened, it’s like a it’s like a third of the way through the movie by

[00:38:35] Dana and Corey: 80 minutes long.

[00:38:36] Y. M. Nelson: that.

[00:38:37] Marcie: Okay, well,

[00:38:38] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, it was only. Yeah, let’s be honest. It wasn’t that long. It wasn’t that.

[00:38:42] Marcie: It was shorter

[00:38:43] Dana and Corey: I would say, so, you put out something, and I think This is true. So, I agree with you, Stacey. I do think maybe the acting that I saw Brandy with the voice is probably that goes along with who her character was in terms of, I will say this. I have never watched a Hallmark movie, so, I’m not a Hallmark movie person.

I’m aware of them and probably more of like the whole controversy with them and like Candace Cameron and all that kind of stuff so, if you asked me what I thought a Hallmark movie was like, it would probably be like a really goody two shoes kind of cheeky movie that probably just wouldn’t be my ideal kind of movie.

And it makes me wonder, I wonder what y’all think about this. Like a lot of times people like to say, you know, Hallmark movies and Lifetime movies. I think I’m more likely to be a Lifetime movie because they would do something like, when women kill, you know, but they’re still kind of got that.

Cheeky kind of thing going on, but it feels like Hallmark is more pure light and happiness. I feel like if you ask me, and so, maybe,

[00:39:48] Marcie: It’s, yeah, I think that’s the distinction. Like, I think, I think you’re right that a, like a Lifetime movie is going to be edgier. You’re right, It’s probably more likely to have some sort of edge to it. Some, a bit more true drama.

And I think that when you watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, you know it’s going to be HEA. You know that they’re going to find love. You know the small town is going to be saved. You know that the Christmas tree lighting ceremony is going to go off without a hitch., in the end, everything is going to work out. And I think that’s kind of the same vein that this movie was in, as opposed to Lifetime, where, you could get to the end and nobody get together.

Because Lifetime is like, oh, it’s like, this is life. Or somebody’s in the basement, it could be either one. But,

[00:40:32] Dana and Corey: my expectations probably are good. We’re a little bit different watching this cause I don’t, I haven’t watched the Hallmark. So, that’s to me, I’m thinking, You know, I watch a lot of Netflix and I’m expecting Netflix level stuff, but just so, I, I

[00:40:51] Marcie: think we’re giving Netflix, too much credit though because there is a lot on Netflix and this was not the worst of it. Now this is not Bridgerton. It is not that. It is not high production. But it is not the worst that I have ever seen on Netflix.

And it won’t be the worst they ever make. I think it is formulaic but that’s because formulaic tends to work. And I think that we also, have to think about whether or not it got in the can right before the strike and all that, like, were they working towards something or in fear of something?

But again, having never seen a Hallmark movie I do, however, feel like most Hallmark movies, although formulaic, have a clearer plot. I do think that what happened here was, this movie tried to be a lot of things, and then realized it couldn’t, and then said, and we’re done. And I feel like If it had been any one of the things it was trying to be all the way to the end, we would have loved it.

But I feel like it just kept dropping pieces into the end and it was like But the pageant went on without a hitch. And so, I think at the end it was where every Christmas movie is at the end, then the small town where the Christmas pageant goes off and the star does arrive, like, I think at the end it just relied on formula, but I think if it had took to correspond, like if it had dug into any one of the other things for more than two seconds, it might’ve felt different. It, it wouldn’t have felt so, rushed.

[00:42:21] Dana and Corey: Yeah, because like Yvonne says, a lot of those Hallmark movies are based off of books. So, there’s one through point. Plot that they go through. And this one had three. So, you have the, we don’t know if they’re in a relationship, if they’re gonna have an affair, type of thing. From having to grab some spine or what’s going on with them, with the whole touching and everything going on.

Then you got  The mystery about her son, like what’s that all about, and whether their life is real or not. And then you’ve got the kids trying to discover whether Santa is real. And so, I’m like, stick with one and kind of go through with it, you know? Don’t mix all these three together. You’ll have time for that in

[00:42:59] Marcie: and then, and then there was the whole job house.

[00:43:04] Dana and Corey: Yes!

[00:43:05] Marcie: That whole thing just fell apart. And then at the end they tried to wrap that up with her being like a CEO, again, it wanted to be a lot of things.

And at the end it was like, but we’re a Christmas movie. And it was, but I think, that if it had, like you said, had one more consistent through point that it kind of followed all the way through. I mean, I think it was. I think it was nice when they figured out that they needed more furniture moving, like, I think that was an interesting, like, plot twist, but, I mean, it wasn’t cohesive, except for that it was Christmas in, what was that place called? Something Valley?

[00:43:44] Y. M. Nelson: Hadley Falls

[00:43:45] Marcie: Falls, because it’s gonna be a falls, a valley, or a brook, or a glen. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be one of those. That’s, that’s straight up Hallmark right there, Dana. It’s gonna be a tiny town with a quaint name like Hadley Falls.

It’s gonna have a Christmas pageant that everybody is invested in. And somehow, it’s not going to go off unless something happens with the key characters. Whether it’s the lights

aren’t going to work. Yeah, no, no girl. No, the light, the light factory is going to go out of business. The street don’t come on time. The music teacher’s in the hospital and the kids can’t. Like it’s going to be something like that. And in this case, they use the star making it to the pageant. Like there’s always that one thing and you’re never sure if it’s going to come, but it’s got to, because it’s Christmas. Like that’s the only part that really got right. Everything else.

[00:44:38] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah.

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Story Inconsistences, part 1

[00:44:39] Marcie: just this close, and then it would drop. Like the, little girl and her superhero thing, when it started off, I was like, oh, this is cute. And when she was marking off a list with the paper, the list didn’t even make it to talking to the animals. I looked to see if she was gonna whip out the paper, and she didn’t have the paper anymore.

No one cared. Like, I was like,

[00:44:55] Dana and Corey: paper got left at the house,

[00:44:56] Marcie: paper got left somewhere, because, they had been faithful up to this point, she had a list, I was like, oh, we gonna mark that off the list, there was no list, like, they just kept dropping stuff, and it just never, they never picked it back up, and, and then in the end they were like, but the pageant, and you can be Santa, and I was like, okay, I think we’re used to a different kind of Brandy and in this one I think she played softer than we’re used to seeing her and maybe that’s why she felt different to us But

[00:45:24] Y. M. Nelson: Yes.

[00:45:26] Marcie: it was it was it was as Christmas

[00:45:27] Y. M. Nelson: gonna, I’m gonna, yes. I’m gonna agree with that. Yeah. Yes! I think she was limited by A, her character and B, this script. Whatever it is.

[00:45:42] Marcie: She did the best she could what she had though She she whipped her hair around and she she sparkled and she glimmered and as someone who was eternally optimistic, I really enjoyed that. Her belief that everything was going to be all right.

That was great. I liked the singing. I thought they were really fun renditions. But they did the best they could with what they had.

[00:46:03] Dana and Corey: I think Christmas movies are very formulated. Right. And I totally agree with what you were Staci. But I almost want to say if you’re not going to add anything to what we already have, then don’t make it. And that’s kind of where I feel with. with this movie. You didn’t do it.

You gave me nothing. Like, and there are many Christmas movies we were talking about beforehand that I do. And I’m going to, I’m going to take Elf as an example. And one of my other favorites, Christmas with the Cranks. A Christmas vacation.

We still have that Christmas stuff running through it, but these are very different stories. And there, there’s novelty in the way that things happen and stuff with. Like, everything that happened wasn’t expected. They gave me something., even with the whole death of, of Brandy’s son, I, to your point, Marcy, I knew that before Heather apparently knew it, just knitting

[00:46:50] Marcie: had,

[00:46:50] Dana and Corey: know, it

[00:46:51] Marcie: some point I was like, oh, he’s not. When she said, I wish he was here, I realized that he really wasn’t here. Cause it was just something in the way she said it., maybe that was good acting and we missed it. Hmm. No, of course, it, that wasn’t it. Okay,

[00:47:09] Y. M. Nelson: Cory, Cory is shaking his

[00:47:11] Dana and Corey: no.

[00:47:11] Y. M. Nelson: for the listeners. No.

[00:47:14] Dana and Corey: but I think and I like what you said, Cora. I think it was and there were other people. It was too. It had too many things it was trying to do. I think if it had picked maybe one or two and really focused in on it, it could have been better. Because like I said, initially. I was kind of like in Heather’s and I feel like this could have been a great opportunity right here.

I was kind of feeling like Heather’s character and that all of this is bull. Like we are so, conditioned to a life that we can’t actually believe that somebody could have a life this, whatever. So, I feel like that could have been a great direction to go. Right. You know but that just kind of fizzled

[00:47:50] Marcie: Yeah, but I think the first, I think the first half, that is where it went, and I think maybe that’s why I got confused because we got all the way up to, the dollhouse thing, and then all of a sudden it, it, it went, yeah, it took a turn, and I was like,

[00:48:08] Dana and Corey: did. But I feel like to to keep on that, we shouldn’t have had Brandy’s son. Right. Because to me, and I’m digging way deeper than this movie was, but why are we so, predispositioned to not believe that this stuff can be good? Oh, we have got to make sure that we find something wrong.

And they didn’t have to do that. They could’ve, somehow figured out a way and I didn’t write the story and I’m not a writer. So, I’m not even bothered to try what they could have done, but they kind of giving me a new spin on it. They basically were like, Hey, this is unbelievable.

And then came back like, yep, sure. No, I feel like they could have given me a better angle about that. And then to even try to make that little part so, close to the end of the movie. It even bothered me that it’s like, when the thing happened with my son, no details of what she was talking about.

Yeah. We know he’s in the

[00:48:57] Marcie: Right, like she literally said when what happened happened. I was like, well, what happened? And then

[00:49:02] Y. M. Nelson: Right!

[00:49:02] Marcie: time

[00:49:03] Dana and Corey: don’t know about y’all, but my first question would have been like, well, what happened? Like, I, you know,

[00:49:08] Y. M. Nelson: Exactly!

[00:49:09] Dana and Corey: thought, why?

[00:49:10] Marcie: said something about when they were at the hospital. I was like, for what?

[00:49:15] Dana and Corey: I just, I don’t know. It’s just,

[00:49:17] Marcie: you know what? I think maybe that, that is true, Dana, because they could have, it could have, once it was real, it could have stayed real. Because I think that’s what Heather Graham needed. And once they went to the thing, and she got the loan for the house, we could have just moved forward in, And her changing and that could have been the thing.

I think you’re right in, proving that there was something not quite right in her life. I do think that they did a disservice to the story because it didn’t have to be. Like that. And I know they did all that to try to get to the balloon and the yada yada. But that could have been another way to get there because there was one thing, I was kind of disappointed about was that there had to be Something. wrong. Because at the beginning, everything was true and everything was exactly what it looked like. But then we make this one thing the thing that isn’t and then I agree that it could have done something different but then again, I guess they had to get to that balloon somehow and I really feel like all of it was just to get to that balloon so, that we could put the star and so, her her chip mittens could make sense.

I mean it at some point by the end,

[00:50:18] Dana and Corey: long.

[00:50:19] Marcie: even I I’m not gonna lie y’all even at the end I was like well this is much The Chip Mitts are gonna make us fly, like, and then Santa Claus thanking Heather for saving Christmas.

I was like, oh, she is not the one. She is not the one to thank here. So, I

[00:50:32] Dana and Corey: never agree with Brandy Moore. So, she was like, oh, why would you make that? You’re like, girl, you spent

[00:50:39] Marcie: Right,

[00:50:39] Dana and Corey: doing this prototype?

[00:50:41] Y. M. Nelson: Right!

[00:50:42] Dana and Corey: Why? Yeah.

[00:50:45] Marcie: was the thing that made everything. I was

like, this is, stupid, but. But again, By that point I was invested in the Christmas pageant myself. I was invested in us all getting to start there on time Like I really was

[00:50:58] Dana and Corey: You know, she was marketing that Chip Mitt to Heather. I went to Brandy and said that it repels crumbs. She didn’t say that leaf stains. So, she took that cheese and rubbed it in the crumb. She was like, no cheese stain at all. Like you didn’t say anything about not leaving a leaf

[00:51:13] Marcie: And then she put her hand on her white sweater and I was just waiting for a cheese stain to be there I’m, not gonna lie. I

[00:51:17] Dana and Corey: Exactly.

[00:51:18] Marcie: I was waiting for a cheese stain. I was like, this is a moment right here

[00:51:21] Dana and Corey: you had said that when you did your infomercial, maybe you would have still had a business. Yeah.

[00:51:33] Y. M. Nelson: So, really now we know what this movie was really about. It was about selling the chip

[00:51:38] Dana and Corey: Exactly.

[00:51:39] Y. M. Nelson: Mitt Oh gosh. But Dana and Marcy, I, agree with y’all on that, that staying with that plot point of, is this real, that would’ve been a good movie and that would’ve, that would’ve ended up being a, a real, a really like. A little bit deeper movie than like a regular Hallmark movie. And and two, at that point when they were talking about the house, and she finds the newsletter for their family. That really could’ve Gone somewhere,

[00:52:20] Marcie: it was, I thought we were turning, I thought, that’s where we were turning, they were reconnecting, and then we took that other right, and then Santa won’t reel, and I was like, Jesus, okay, yeah, it was a beautiful moment, and it was wasted, it was, it really

[00:52:36] Y. M. Nelson: Right, you know, it really was, And I’m like, this is how they could, come together because she was so, far away from her friend. And Jackie is calling her by her nickname, Char, and Char, Charlotte, is, sneaking around, trying to figure out what’s not real about, I mean, that whole dynamic could So, yeah. I mean, if they had just taken that, and just ran with that, it would have been good, but

But yeah, I’m gonna, I am going to say this, as somebody who does watch a lot of Hallmark like movies, that this was very much supposed to be that light Hallmark kind of feel. And so, I did get that. I did get that feel. It just, that a lot of this stuff was dropped. It almost felt like they smashed like four Hallmark movies themes together into this movie. And they could only finish one Hallmark movie. So, they left all the other ones kind of hanging out there. And then the one that they even finished, it was like, rushed. I didn’t realize that the movie was only 80 minutes. I don’t know if that says, if that’s a good thing, or not. But, I didn’t realize, okay. I didn’t realize that

[00:54:09] Dana and Corey: Exactly. Yup.

[00:54:15] Y. M. Nelson: it. Well, I knew it wasn’t two hours, because I had kind of timed my, my night when I watched it, but I, I didn’t realize it was only like 80 something minutes because that’s why I think it felt rushed, even Hallmark movies are not that short, right? Maybe that’s why it felt rushed, but then, too, they’re trying to put too much in this. And, because of my superhero ugly Christmas shirt I am gonna talk a little bit about the nerdy and what I didn’t like about the nerdy.

I love the fact that they had this little girl, and they had the fact that she wanted to have superpowers. But the narration over that her mom narrating over that says because of the marvel craze you know and the first thing that the girl says that that actually leads you to, to superheroes, is when they go into the Jennings household, and she says, Wow!

This place looks like Wayne

[00:55:20] Dana and Corey: Yup.

[00:55:20] Y. M. Nelson: Which is not Marvel.

[00:55:23] Marcie: exactly, which is DC

[00:55:25] Y. M. Nelson: And it’s DC and not only that, is I can believe the marvel because yes, you would take a kid to see marvel But DC is a little bit

tougher they try not to be because they want to get that marvel money But DC is a little bit harder, and they tend push PG 13. I wouldn’t take my small child to see a DC

movie. At least not the ones they’re doing right now, and then some of, the best stuff that’s DC is rated R, to be

honest, I mean.

[00:56:01] Dana and Corey: I highly doubt her parents made her watch Batman 1966 for her to go Wayne Manor. She probably watched the last one where Robert Pattinson and Dennis Violet as all get out.

[00:56:13] Y. M. Nelson: Exactly. He’s so, violent. And Wayne Manor, wasn’t Wayne Manor like really messed

up in that movie most of the time? Wayne Manor was tore

up. They had, the fire. They had all that stuff. Wayne Manor was messed

up. Okay? She was not watching no Adam

West Batman. Oh, I just thought that was just so, weird.

I’m like, Why would the one thing that this child says has nothing to do with Marvel actually is DC? But you know the the whole Marking the the superpowers off the list and see if you know what superpowers she had. I thought that was cute I was like, oh my gosh, this is cute but when they dropped her character like y’all have been saying I was like Well, we never gonna really find out if this manifests.

And Exactly! That’s exactly what I was thinking! So, there, she, she’s invisible.


[00:57:15] Dana and Corey: invisible. That’s her

[00:57:17] Y. M. Nelson: to be the invisible woman.

[00:57:19] Dana and Corey: Yep.

[00:57:19] Y. M. Nelson: There you go.

[00:57:20] Dana and Corey: Again, DC.

[00:57:21] Y. M. Nelson: Four invisible woman. Right? So, so

[00:57:28] Dana and Corey: you know, there’s actually three, like, DC references if you kind of look at it. One is when she’s outside her little fort and she has a little paper. If you pause it, the back of her fort says Fortress of Solitude for, like, Superman. And then they


and so, then you said the Wayne Manor thing, and then I thought, oh, she’s trying to talk to animals, is she Aquaman?

So, I was like, oh, this is just, look at you bringing

[00:57:56] Marcie: Why? Go, Cory!

[00:57:57] Dana and Corey: the

[00:57:58] Staci: she watched

[00:57:59] Y. M. Nelson: everything!

[00:58:00] Dana and Corey: not. It’s so,

[00:58:02] Y. M. Nelson: You wanna be in a Justice League! Well,

[00:58:05] Staci: You know, maybe she was watching that as a kid. You know, they put that on there. You know, next thing she’s gonna see if her and her brother had twin powers or something

[00:58:15] Y. M. Nelson: Oh lord. Oh gosh. Justice League. Yeah, maybe.

[00:58:20] Staci: Twins, activate! The form of a good movie.

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The Kids of Best. Christmas. Ever!

[00:58:24] Y. M. Nelson: go. But, the other thing about that is, or the other thing about the children dynamic y’all, and I don’t know if y’all felt this way or if it was just me trying to actually read something that wasn’t there, but when they dropped the little girl character of the sister, I It was almost like when the boy’s name is Grant, and the the genius girl’s name, Beatrix. So, when they got Beatrix and Grant, when they’re trying to figure out if Santa is real, did y’all see that that was kind of like a foil a little bit? The adults? Like, remember, like, Brandy and Jason Biggs character of Robbie and Jackie were, in a band together, right? When they were in college, and I was like, I wonder if they trying to do something here, or is this just, just whatever it is?

But It kind of felt that way. It kind of felt like, Until why they why wouldn’t they have the sister be a part of all

[00:59:34] Dana and Corey: Exactly, why they in the room together by themselves and she’s drawing up the whole thing about Santa on her computer.

[00:59:41] Y. M. Nelson: Yes

[00:59:41] Dana and Corey: the little girl at? Where’s her sister? Name

[00:59:44] Y. M. Nelson: Yes, Exactly Right

[00:59:53] Dana and Corey: in on it because Monkey Bob pulls off the Santa wig.

Couldn’t a little girl do that?

[01:00:03] Y. M. Nelson: Oh God, she went to the Fortress of Solitude. It wasn’t enough snow there, so, she had to go all the way to the Fortress of Solitude. Oh, poor thing. But it’s stuff like that, that mess up the good that could be in this movie, that leaves people hanging because We’re sitting here wondering about it, right?

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More Story Inconsistences

When we shouldn’t have to be wondering about it. But the one big thing that I was like, wow, why did they even do this? Was when Marcie was saying about the what happened happened, that was huge to me. Like, why? Like, this is just totally glossed over.

This is just like, I don’t know what to do with this plot point here. But the other one was, was a physical thing. She was trying to get the balloon to go up in the end. And then, the balloon did go up. But then, why would you leave your friend down there on the ground? And then, as the balloon is going up, instead of saying, Hop in! Let’s go to blah blah blah., she leaves her down there on the ground, and then, she’s barely up in the air. She don’t want to, I guess she doesn’t want to come back down. Instead, she, throws the ladder out. It’s like, are you kidding me with this? And I thought something was actually gonna happen, like, she was gonna get on the ladder, and she was gonna, like, fall, and I thought something like that was gonna happen. Because, you know, shenanigans happen in these movies. Especially these Hallmark movies, you fall, you slip, all this other kind of stuff. And I thought that was gonna happen, but no, that doesn’t happen. Instead, she gets in the basket of the balloon just fine, but they forget that the ladder is down there, and then the ladder hooks Santa’s thing. I said, why would why wouldn’t you let her up in the basket before you took off? Oh, now I see, it’s a plot device. I was like, this would be a no go in a book., this would be something your editor would say, nope, we ain’t doing this and it made it into this movie Like this is crazy Yeah, I mean were there any other things that just kind of Stuck out to you like that.

That was just like totally annoying.

[01:02:39] Dana and Corey: Oh, let me pull up my

[01:02:40] Y. M. Nelson: Oh court

[01:02:43] Dana and Corey: So, while we’re on the subject of the balloon, we couldn’t get no steering wheel? Like the balloon should be a hot air balloon. I’ll tell you, it just goes straight up. Right. All of a sudden that we drifted to the left. There was

[01:02:59] Y. M. Nelson: Right. Exactly

[01:03:01] Dana and Corey: the buttons, the buttons could have had like a up, a down, a left, a right, something

[01:03:06] Y. M. Nelson: There yeah, there’s no,


[01:03:08] Dana and Corey: no navigational

[01:03:09] Staci: Like how many buttons were on that thing and nothing was navigation?

[01:03:12] Y. M. Nelson: Right, and she was about, and she was doing all this with the Chip Mitts, you know, cause there was so, many buttons and stuff, it was almost like airplane, you know, a control panel, but nothing was navigation.

[01:03:25] Dana and Corey: Exactly. Her navigation skills of Heather Graham suck because it only took, I call this movie the tale of too many conveniences, because when she goes to start investigating the family and thinking that they’re fake, she starts snooping around the house. So, she goes, okay, let’s check out the Harvard girl. She plays chess with her. I know plenty of people who can play chess that don’t go to Harvard. Okay, so, she plays chess

[01:03:53] Y. M. Nelson: My brother will kick your butt in chess, and he ain’t never been to Harvard.

[01:03:57] Dana and Corey: like, oh, she can play chess in Harvard. That’s true. Then she goes she goes, oh, Photoshop for dummies. She walks up the staircase.

Sees Brandy’s picture on a magazine and goes, Oh, yeah. Okay. She’s that’s real. That’s real Anybody can Photoshop a magazine. Hello. There’s a Photoshop magazine behind me. Okay. I’m David. Okay. Then she says she falls over the the trophy that’s in the room and it’s all automatically like yep, He’s a karate expert Anybody can put them trophies in there.

That could have been a bogus trophy.

[01:04:34] Y. M. Nelson: Right! Exactly! We don’t see what’s on the trophies

[01:04:37] Dana and Corey: and so, it and, whenever I see a movie that bores me or I think it’s just like not good, I start thinking about production qualities. You know, I start thinking about whether this set is real, whether or not the snow is real, you know edit mistakes, blah, blah, blah. There’s tons of continuity errors in this movie.

If you watch the scene where they’re at the Where they pick out the Christmas tree or they put the Christmas tree on the truck., Brandy’s husband is standing there and the sunglasses are on his face. Then they’re on his chest. Then they’re on the face again. Then they’re on the chest.

Like it goes, back and forth. And I’m like, that drove me crazy. I’m thinking the driveway melts because they have a heated driveway. It’s not snowing. We don’t know what the temperature is outside. How come none of the other roads have been melted? I mean, wouldn’t you turn that on?

And I don’t know, y’all tell me what y’all turn it on, we all the time it’s on when you knew the snow was coming. Do you wait for a doll and then turnit on? How does that work? So, I was like,

[01:05:35] Staci: You have to turn it on beforehand because if not it’ll melt and then freeze over at the top. You would have to turn it on if you, well I’m assuming because I’m seeing, you know, if you’ve gone out there and the ice has melted at the top, you’ve just got an ice sheet at that point once the snow has melted. So, you would want to keep it warm beforehand. So, Oh, we’re expecting snow, and so, that it’s not gonna Or at least not get too high, but that’s my thoughts.

[01:06:03] Y. M. Nelson: That’s why the highway department saws the road before it snows. It’s

[01:06:09] Dana and Corey: We have a dessert dinner. Where’s the rest of the damn dinner? He said something about the turkey. We never see a turkey. You were watching this movie way too long. I told

[01:06:18] Marcie: I mean, you. really did go back and watch it twice.

[01:06:21] Dana and Corey: I watched it one and a half times.

[01:06:23] Marcie: one good time.

[01:06:24] Dana and Corey: Because I wrote these things down as I was going, and I was like, I have to see if this is what I’m really seeing.

So, I went back and watched it again, and I was like, yep, he said that, and this happened, and blah blah blah. Heather gets into a car accident and runs into snow. Look, I lived in Denver. That car was dirty all the time because of the snow this car is not dirty at all The little angel girl comes over there to talk to her and says I’m parked right over here I’ll wait to see when you get out, She can’t even help her get out of the damn snow

[01:06:56] Y. M. Nelson: And, but this is, this is also, my thing. Why is she parked on this road that it just looks like a, just a two-lane road. It doesn’t look like it has any parking lots or anything.

[01:07:08] Dana and Corey: And she was walking! So, what? I

[01:07:11] Y. M. Nelson: She was walking in

[01:07:14] Dana and Corey: walking!

[01:07:14] Marcie: Why are you here in your costume? I thought she was walking and I was expecting Heather to get

[01:07:20] Dana and Corey: Okay. Yeah.

[01:07:21] Marcie: And then she was like, I’mma go get in the car. And I was like, wait. I thought you were walking. Cause otherwise, why would you be driving with your wings on? This doesn’t make any sense.

[01:07:34] Dana and Corey: And she’s like, and she’s like, Oh, I’ve got to get to the bank before five o’clock, because if not, then they’re going to give me this loan. And so, Brandi is just like, Oh, when you have choices, you should go to the bank. Yeah, I was like, No! Because your life

[01:07:51] Y. M. Nelson: rich people problems, y’all. That’s rich people problems.

[01:07:54] Marcie: Right? I was like, What?

[01:07:56] Dana and Corey: okay for me to get a $500, 000 loan and a 3.1 interest rate that I can’t afford because I just lost my job. And we really don’t know what my husband does because they never mentioned his job. And the only way, is if you go to the beginning and you pause it, you will see his truck outside of the house that says his name renovations.

If it wasn’t for that, I did not know what Jason Biggs did as a job at all. He was just a dreamer.

[01:08:23] Y. M. Nelson: I didn’t even, and I didn’t even see that. I did not even see that. And so, that is why that did not make sense when he started talking about all the stuff that he could do to the house. I was like, well, why aren’t you fixing houses? I didn’t know that that’s what he did! Yeah,

[01:08:42] Staci: about fixing houses. Well, I didn’t know he was renovating, but I didn’t know that that was his job, but they did mention about flipping houses or renovating houses ahead of time. They did do that in the beginning, I noticed that.

[01:08:56] Y. M. Nelson: well, yeah, he did that. But you know, we weren’t,

[01:08:59] Staci: notice, but I noticed

[01:09:00] Marcie: Did she make it to the bank? I am unclear on She did because she went

[01:09:05] Y. M. Nelson: she didn’t make it to the bank.

[01:09:06] Marcie: I thought so. So, now they own this house and

[01:09:09] Dana and Corey: Yeah!

[01:09:10] Y. M. Nelson: Yes.

[01:09:11] Dana and Corey: fun cause But see, here’s, here’s the editing part. Here’s the bad editing part. Okay, so, everything gets resolved at the end because Brandy now is doing a concert at the pageant, right? So, that’s the end of the movie and if you are someone who’s like, okay, this is the credits I’m gonna stop this movie. You’re gonna miss the end part where she says we met up with my sister. We got the house–

[01:09:33] Marcie: We

[01:09:34] Y. M. Nelson: Right. Exactly. Yup. She does all

[01:09:37] Marcie: tradition

[01:09:38] Dana and Corey: that’s a horrible editing

[01:09:39] Marcie: the, yeah, and it says from the, whatever family and the Jennings family, cause it’s

[01:09:44] Dana and Corey: Yes

[01:09:45] Y. M. Nelson: Yes. The Sanders

[01:09:48] Dana and Corey: Yes,

[01:09:49] Marcie: That’s why

[01:09:49] Staci: That was at the

[01:09:50] Dana and Corey: world in hot air

[01:09:51] Marcie: seven minutes left when she started singing and the credits start rolling. It’s still seven minutes left in the movie.

[01:09:57] Dana and Corey: did

[01:09:57] Staci: Did they think they were a Marvel movie?

[01:09:59] Dana and Corey: I did not know that.

[01:10:01] Staci: Did they think they were a Marvel movie to do some post credits scenes that people were actually going to wait for?

[01:10:05] Marcie: they thought people’ll stay to the end.

[01:10:10] Y. M. Nelson: They wanted to be a Marvel movie!

[01:10:12] Dana and Corey: that’s a huge plot point that was supposed to be there before because it wraps all that stuff up because now, I’m sitting here thinking they got this loan and they ain’t gonna be able to pay for it for themselves.

[01:10:22] Marcie: But they,

[01:10:23] Dana and Corey: did you see, did you

[01:10:24] Marcie: something happens and they and she becomes rich and then.

[01:10:27] Dana and Corey: up

[01:10:28] Staci: that part.

[01:10:29] Dana and Corey: with Mariah

[01:10:30] Y. M. Nelson: That’s all after the That’s all after the pageant! That’s all after the pageant!

[01:10:36] Marcie: it’s after the pageant and Brandy starts singing the credits start rolling and then if you wait a hot second There’s the start of a new Christmas newsletter, and it has the graphic of the of the two families and that’s where all the summary is We made it to my sister’s house. And there’s a picture of her and her sister And, that’s how you find out she got the house because somehow something happened and she’s rich

[01:10:58] Dana and Corey: yeah, her and Brandi going together with the chip mitts and,

[01:11:03] Dana and Corey: and, they sell it to Mariah Carey and there’s a picture of Mariah Carey and she puts her hand down like this in the infomercial saying no more crumbs and she’s putting a cookie down and then they say they got the house and I’m like, this is even dumber. And now Brandi’s family is floating around the world with them.

[01:11:20] Marcie: and they and they go and they meet them for Christmas. Yes

[01:11:25] Dana and Corey: Yeah.

[01:11:26] Staci: You know, we’ve been talking more about this movie more…longer than this Movie was.

[01:11:29] Marcie: Oh, that is

[01:11:30] Y. M. Nelson: yes, We have. we literally have, we have beat this movie by 5 minutes at this point.

[01:11:37] Marcie: Yep

[01:11:39] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, we’ve

[01:11:39] Staci: this is more entertaining. I just gotta say that.

[01:11:41] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, yeah.

[01:11:44] Dana and Corey: All I know is, if I can just tell my, younger people that if they get tutored by somebody in school, they can become an aviation scientist if they’d like to. There are aspirations out there, for all of you.

[01:11:59] Y. M. Nelson: did she get tutored by,

[01:12:01] Dana and Corey: I have no idea.

[01:12:02] Y. M. Nelson: ended up

[01:12:03] Marcie: Because

[01:12:03] Dana and Corey: somebody who does

[01:12:04] Marcie: playing when she was playing chess with the daughter and the fact that she worked for the star tech That went out of business because she warned them that the robots were going to be on fire. You get the impression that she is some kind of scientist. Like she’s an engineer. She’s something you get the impression that she’s pretty smart.

You just never hear them say that. And so, it kind of gets glossed over, but you get the impression

[01:12:28] Y. M. Nelson: yeah,

[01:12:29] Marcie: chess with the daughter and then she works for Star Tech. And remember she kept saying she was waiting for something to happen. Now, I don’t know where she thought that was going to happen because she got the personality of a wet chip that goes in this Chip Mitt but But it gives you an impression that she was intelligent in some point.

[01:12:47] Y. M. Nelson: Oh yeah, you totally get that. That, that she’s intelligent, but maybe not as whatever as Jackie

[01:12:59] Marcie: Yeah, she doesn’t she didn’t have no get up and go So, she didn’t

[01:13:02] Y. M. Nelson: Yes, she’s not as motivated. She’s just moving along,

[01:13:06] Marcie: And bitter about that. Yep.

[01:13:09] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah, very much so.

[01:13:14] Marcie: I think it was but it took that left turn and then it never got back round to it.

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GoodReads Rating

[01:13:20] Y. M. Nelson: Which could have been part of the main plot and they could have kept going with that. And it would have been a good movie. They should’ve just kept going with that. Because it was turning out to be that. But, anyway. Like Stacey said, we have been talking about this movie longer than the movie is. So, why don’t we just give a Goodreads rating for this one Like we do for everything else.

Goodreads Rating System

And our Goodreads rating system. There is no zero stars here! But hey, you know, anyway, the Goodreads rating is

One star, we didn’t like it.

Two stars, it was okay.

Three stars, we liked it.

Four stars, we really liked it.

Five stars, it was amazing.

So, because I think I already know what it’s gonna be, Dana and Corey, what are y’all’s ratings on this?

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[01:14:14] Dana and Corey: your rating, Corey? A one star. I would agree. I would go with a one star as well. You know, I’m glad some people got hired. It’s good to keep people in business. And, make sure everybody makes money. No, seriously though, I really, feel like this is a great family movie if you want something that you can just play in the background that won’t harm your children.

But to your point, that whole thing, like almost kind of now wish they left out the whole Santa Claus plot thing. So, then it could really be, cause I almost feel like for movies like that, and I don’t know if this was mentioned, but you know how they do the thing where they tell you in advance, certain things, certain topics may be discussed.

I almost feel like this movie should have a warning for that. Because I do think it would be, it would be a good, kids movie or whatever, minus that. So, I mean, it’s a movie for somebody.

[01:15:06] Y. M. Nelson: yeah, oh lord.

[01:15:08] Dana and Corey: It is!

[01:15:08] Y. M. Nelson: Staci, what was, Staci, what’s

[01:15:11] Staci: Can I hear the ratings one more time for one through three?

[01:15:15] Dana and Corey: was going to say, you dare say four or five? Cause it ain’t necessary.

[01:15:21] Staci: Because my thing is number one, I really don’t

[01:15:23] Y. M. Nelson: five, it’s amazing. No, I’m just

[01:15:27] Staci: we can you get a stop on that one. No

[01:15:31] Y. M. Nelson: one, didn’t like it. Two, it was okay. And three, liked it.

[01:15:40] Staci: I mean overall most Christmas movies are just a three to me and it’s just I’m not a I’m not fan of it I mean, let’s give it a two just for the fact that It’s a Christmas movie, it, the best Christmas movie I would like would be a three, I’ve seen a, well, I don’t know if they’ve seen worse, but so, it could be a one, but it’s just to me the same genre as any other Christmas movie, but it’s not one of those I would, again, I, if I think about other people watching it, then I’ll make it a two. Out of a Christmas movie things It’s like okay. I see. Hey, this person likes Christmas movies and they don’t really care about plot They just want a good feel thing. That’s on the back of the tv. There you go Put this on

[01:16:34] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah. Okay.

[01:16:35] Staci: that’s why I gave it a two if I was going to go by how I really feel about it Probably one, but but if I was recommending to a Christmas fan, go ahead.

It’s a strong two.

[01:16:51] Y. M. Nelson: Ha Marcie, what did you think? What’s your rating on this?

[01:16:56] Marcie: gonna I’m gonna book tradition here and I’m gonna go I’m gonna give this a three Despite the The Scrooges on the other side of this this quad squad and I’m going to say That Brandi didn’t let me down. She sang like I wanted her to sing She whipped her hair like I wanted her to whip her hair and overall, It it was It was not the worst 80 minutes of my life.

And so, I’m gonna, I’m gonna give it a strong three. It was feel good. The ending wrapped it all up in a bowl. Like you like for a good Christmas movie to this. I like the musical interludes quite a lot. So, I’m gonna give it a strong three.

[01:17:40] Y. M. Nelson: Alright then. And to wrap it up, I am going to give this movie a 2. I thought it was okay but, as a writer I have obviously some issues with the plot and the story structure. And that’s coming from a writer who is weak on story structure. I needed help with that. So, I guess, because I needed help with that, and because I look at that a lot in my writing, I also, look at that a lot, when I’m watching movies.

Because I like to see when it’s done well, so, that it can resonate with me and so, that my stories can be structured well. And so, when I see it not happening well, that really, the focus is just too much for me. And because I liked Brandy as far the singing that she did.

I think. Now that we’ve talked about it, and now that I’ve kind of thought about it a little bit more, it’s majorly what she was not given for this that maybe made it a little bit of the why is she talking like this kind of thing, because maybe that was kind of, She tried to make a character where there wasn’t really a defined character. So, I think that she tried with what she had. That’s why this didn’t get a one star. A part of it is because of Brandy and because of what she did in this that I, didn’t give it a one star. And also, there were some cute moments in this.

And I agree that this could be a good family movie for those kids who are not struggling with, is Santa real? If your kids firmly believe in Santa, or if your kids are like, I’m not sure if Santa is real or not. This is not the movie for those kids. But if your kids are not struggling with that, then this is definitely the movie, for those kids. And it’s also, a movie for the people who just want, a feel-good Christmas thing, cause it does have those feel-good vibes. Just don’t watch it so, closely like we did. And on that note, thank you all for being here and for watching this movie that was recommended, but maybe didn’t meet exactly our expectations, but it was a wonderful time.

[01:20:19] Marcie: I feel like recommended, like recommended was a strong term. It was more like Suggested

[01:20:25] Staci: That’s a

[01:20:25] Dana and Corey: No, you were like, watch this. You’re going to love it. You were like, I promise you it’s the best movie ever. And that’s why it’s famous. And here’s the

[01:20:35] Staci: agree with

[01:20:36] Y. M. Nelson: y’all, Dana’s being

[01:20:37] Marcie: the best Christmas ever, but that’s because That was the name of the field

[01:20:41] Dana and Corey: up. It

[01:20:42] Y. M. Nelson: Right, that’s the name of the movie. The name of the movie is Best Christmas Ever.

[01:20:46] Dana and Corey: probably should have had a different name too because y’all set my expectations going into it. That was a last

[01:20:52] Y. M. Nelson: Yeah,

[01:20:53] Marcie: that the name

[01:20:54] Dana and Corey: going, we need to take the word movie out of this title. That’s what it

[01:21:00] Y. M. Nelson: Instead of Crazy Montage.

[01:21:03] Dana and Corey: it was.

[01:21:06] Y. M. Nelson: Christmas Crazy Montage. yeah, but yeah, I’m sorry y’all if what we watched ended up being this podcast episode, I’ve had so, much fun talking about this with y’all! This has been the light of my week, which has been a hard week for me. So, I just want to say thank you for being on y’all

[01:21:31] Marcie: Thank you for having us

[01:21:33] Dana and Corey: welcome.

[01:21:33] Staci: Yes.

[01:21:34] Y. M. Nelson: While that’s the end of our discussion, it’s not the end of the story, so, to speak. We now have premium episodes, which you can get in your feed, wherever you listen to podcasts, or in your inbox, if you listen on Nerdy Romantics. And if you want to know more about the nerdy romantics’ world, sign up for our newsletter.

Visit my website at for more details. Now that’s the end of the story. Until next time, thank you for listening.

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