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“Who Gets an HEA?” – Pride Love

Y. M. Nelson and Nerdy Romantics guests Marcie, Staci, and Jen recommend several romance reads with LGBTQIA+ main characters as part of the “Who Gets An HEA?” miniseries, Gay Pride edition. “Who Gets an HEA”  showcases romances with marginalized heroes and heroines, and in episode 19 we feature 5 romances by Elle Beauregard, Talia Hibbert, Rachel Lacey, and Lin Lustig. No matter what your orientation or identification, there is a romance that represents you.

While we had a great discussion about our search for LGBTQIA+ romances (that got cut off due to technical issues), we realized in our search that our romances are great because they represent the LGTBTQ community, but no one is struggling with or being persecuted for who they are or love. And in our efforts to be allies, we want to showcase that. EVERYONE should read romance with LGBTQIA+ main characters!

In this episode, we recommend:

Read Between the Lines by Rachel Lacey (Book 1 of the Ms. Right series):

Rosie Taft has taken over her mother’s bookstore. She’s surrounded by stories she loves, but doesn’t have much of a love life, except a budding relationship via letter with Brie, the author of a lesbian romance series she loves. Jane Breslin works for the family property business by day, but by night she’s writing as romance author Brie. When Rosie and Jane meet, it’s under negative circumstances: Rosie’s store’s lease has been terminated by Jane’s company.

Work for It by Talia Hibbert:

I love how Talia Hibbert describes this book: “Basically two dudes have some issues, want to bang, dislike each other and decide they don’t want to bang, accidentally like each other again and then they bang, then they remember they still didn’t fix the issues, then some stuff goes sideways.” (-Talia Hibbert, GoodReads page for Work for It).

The Witch’s Complement by Elle Beauregard (Cloaked Series, #3):

Abby has always kept her magic hidden until she meets Wren, her mentor’s friend and a powerful witch in her own right. Wren feels a deep connection to Abby but is hesitant to move forward with her, especially since the last witch friendship she had didn’t work out so well. But Abby needs help finding help for her friend who’s got a lot of dark magic, and Wren knows how to find the dark magic’s source.

Worth Melting For by Elle Beauregard and Lin Lustig (Dispelled lineage, Book 2):

In this series inspired by Disney movies, Worth Melting For takes some cues from Frozen and runs with them for a totally original story. Lana has the ability to see a person’s future probabilities. Unfortunately when she saw that her husband was leaving her, she didn’t see that she would have to rely on her awful father to help. Her father makes a deal with her to head his company’s legal counsel where she meets Shawn. Shawn’s the one person Lana can’t see her probabilities, compounded with her attraction for Shawn, that makes her that much more irresistible. But with Lana’s husband out to destroy her, and her father’s horrible presence in her life again, Lana and Shawn need to keep their relationship a secret.

Trigger warning: father-daughter verbal abuse

Gilded Lies by Lin Lustig (Frequency series, Book #1):

Celebrity actor and sex symbol John is in a bit of a love life mess: his bodyguard boyfriend Emerson no longer wants to be a secret, his public girlfriend Pricia doesn’t know he has special abilities, and he keeps seeing visions of the past with his ex-girlfriend Licia. Turns out that he’s not the only one with visions: Licia and Emerson, who also have special abilities, see them too.

(Also mentioned) Tell Me How This Ends by Victoria De La O: Jen and Y. M. talk about love triangles, and this romance has a love triangle that’s done well.

What we point out:

  • Book or series’ title and author
  • What the selection is about
  • Why we love these LGBTQIA+ main characters
  • Why we love the stories in general
  • Who these stories would be perfect for (heat levels, tropes, character types)

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