Call for Authors – Be on the Show

*Note: If you haven’t listened to the podcast, please do so before signing up. We have a certain format and style, we talk about specific genres, and everything is not a 5-star review. You have been warned.

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Please note the genres and the demographics. My listeners are not YA or younger, so I don’t usually review books that are YA. (The only exception to this rule is if I really want to have an author come on. This is rare.)

  • ADULT romance (subgenres include: rom-coms, contemporary romance, paranormal, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, some historical)
  • ADULT romantic chick-lit and women’s fiction with romantic elements (some call it relationship fiction–to me that’s a broader category, but whatever)
  • ADULT fantasy: see my review for Bethanie Devors’ Seadrassian Chronicles
  • ADULT sci-fi

Please remember we are a READER-FOCUSED podcast, so think about what your readers want to know about the story and about you (not you’re writer’s journey or process for instance).